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Friday, August 28, 2009

Last time.. Revised 2010 Calendars..

Hopefully this will be the last revision :)
Changes in this one include merging Jan 1-4 so it starts on Friday, and changing the first April 4th to April 3rd.

Sorry for the inconvience this has caused everyone!

**REVISED2 2010 Calendars - EXCEL**

**REVISED2 2010 Calendars - PDF**

Friday, August 21, 2009

Character Cafe Blog Hop!

Hop on over to the Character Cafe, and join in on their blog hop! They have a freebie image, 30% off coupon, plus chances to win free images!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trapazoid Calendar Grid

I think that's the 'correct' term for this shape! More like "Slanted Rectangle"
But I think it would also look cool on a layout for pictures!

Available in SVG and CUT!

DOWNLOAD "Slanted Rectangle" SVG

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Calendar Grids!

Here are some calendar grids to go with the titles I did earlier!
Available in multiple sizes and in SVG and CUT !
The CUT files are made with George, and if you have the Expression, just change the mat size on the two baby bug ones, and you can use those also!

Click the link BELOW the picture to download!
5 1/2 x 11 Baby Bug Blank Calendar Grid

5 1x2 x 11 (Baby Bug) Blank Calendar Grid CUT FILE

WOW! 200 Followers!

I have just noticed today that I have 200 followers! and that doesn't include all those that get the email updates!

Keep an eye out for some BLOG CANDY!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Revised!! 2010 Calendars!

It was brought to my attention that the 2010 calendars were missing a week in January.
I have revised the file!

Another Revision.. Please go to REVISED2 Calendars!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pink Expression and Pink Journey!

There's a new PINK Cricut Expression out - and you can only get it at Micheals
It comes with an exclusive Cartridge - Pink Journey!

2010 Calendars!

Please go to post Revised 2010 Calendar to get the files!

Here is the 2010 Calendar, available in PDF, and Excel

Feel free to change the fonts and colors in the Excel file!

Hope that someone will be able to use this (especially with Christmas coming up!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really Awesome Christmas Word Book!

This is a really awesome word book that Bug Junkie from the Cricut board made!
It uses carts from Joys of the Season, Keystone, Chrismtas Noel, Christmas Cheer, A Child's Year and Geroge and Basic shapes!

Please go to her BLOG and download the Cut File! You will need Design Studio, the carts above and the Expression to cut it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sympathy Card

My Mom's Friend, Barb, passed away the other night. She was in her mid 50's (?), and had ovarian cancer, that had moved to her other organs. She was told last year December that she wouldn't make it to Christmas (of last year), but she was able to live for another 8 months. Just last week, after being on the waiting list for a few months, she was able to go to Hospice.

This is the card that I made for Barb's Life partner, Sue, another good friend of my mom's.

Lattice Card base is from Just Sharing (Linda)
Behind it, I took a clear vellum, and used purple and blue inks to color it, then backed it with white paper (so on the inside, you don't see the vellum) but I didn't want this to be see through (the lattice.. Just thought it was a really neat design!)
Branch cut from Home Decor.
Flowers on branch are Flora Doodles Jeweled Florettes
Top paper is Creative Memories (came in a pack that I got from going to a crop), and embossed with the cuttlebug hearts folders (that came with a cutting die.. Can't remember the name)
Butterflies.. From Hong Kong.
Thinking of You is from Alphalicious

(this card was inspired by 2 other cards, and I kinda combined them with my own twist - Click on their names to see their cards!. Card by DC Scrapper And, card by DJ1952 )

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Candy For 3D House!

** Please post your creations to either this thread, OR This Thread, or you can email me to the addy below!**

Winner will recieve the following Cuttlebug Folders!
Argyle, Bird Call, Leafy Branch and Forest Branches

Here is a 3D house, that I made with George, but used the New Winter Woodland cart as my "base"

And here's the contest part!
Cut this cute house out, decorate it, and send me a picture! You can email it to me at amkscrap@gmail.com or post a comment and post a link of it on your blog.
I wanna see what can be made! I'll then post all the pictures recieved on here, and then we'll have a vote to pick a winner! Winner will recieve some BLOG CANDY. Not sure what yet, but I promise it will be good!
**sending your picture to me gives me permisson to post it on this blog for the voting, pictures will not be used for any other reason**

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cricut Cart Lists - UPDATED!

** I changed the date on this post, hoping that feedburner sends it out again for all those getting email notices. For some reason, the links ran together, and you are only able to download the Soultions Cart File from the email. I have fixed this, so the ones on the blog are correct. Sorry for all the trouble! Hoping that this post gets resent to everyone!!**
It took me over 2 hours, but I got all the cart lists updated. Everything from the newest From My Kitchen, to Picturesque to Batman Activity is now included on the list!

I have also reformated the sizes, so now you can view the Excel file at 100% and not have to scroll around (or set it at 50% or less cause it was too big!)

The previous PDF's will no longer be available - thanks to the many thousands that downloaded them! You will want to stay up to date and download these new ones!
The Gypsy Font and Gypsy Shapes are NOT included in this update, since it sounds like as of now, they will only be available Electronically preloaded onto a Gypsy.

Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!!
**The pictures are just pictures - download the PDF files for better quality (than these pictures) They are crystal clear in the PDF's!!***
** It was brought to my attention that Cuttin Up was left off on the font list. The file below has Cuttin Up, even tho the picture does not show it**






DOWNLOAD PDF FILES - Download each one to get all the carts!

CRICUT FONTS - **revised file**





DOWNLOAD EXCEL FILE - This has all charts, in an editable format.

My Purple Cricut!

I saw on the cricut board all these cool colored cricuts and well.. I wanted one too!
So I took the plung and painted mine purple and blue!

Here's the prep picture.. I had a heck of a time getting the rub-ons off from when I altered it before.. (see my Altered Cricut post for before pictures) so I just spray painted over the ones I couldn't get off..

And here it is done!

Painted and Done

Painted and Done

Did you know.. that spray paint eats through foam?!
I found that out while doing my touch ups! - I even had 2 bowls, and it ate right through them! Tin or plastic works MUCH better!!
Hole in bowl

Why I didn't get Laundry done today..

Oscar decided to help me with Laundry today! He made sure the towels were flat, and that the hangers were well stocked!




And here is was before I started laundry.. look at him! It's like he owns the place!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Months - Base Camp

Here are all 12 months, done with Basecamp. Welded and shaddowed :)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Images from New Carts!

Visit Scrappin Cricut to see images of handbooks for the new carts!!

Storybook 12 Months

Here is all 12 months welded and shadowed, and made with Storybook!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Gift from Oh My Crafts

Many may remember my post earlier (eh, it's been about 3 weeks now) where I was upset with Oh My Crafts for lifting the DS images from my blog, that I had spent time making to show blog followers and fellow crafts what the new carts had.

That post has be removed. But. I wanted to do a follow up on it, for those that were curious, or wondered where it went.

I won't bring up all the details, but in short, Kevin from OMC contacted me via Yahoo Messenger, and apologized.
You can view our chat here and see that we both aplogized to eachother, him for the images, and me for blowing it up so out of proportion, that ya know.. in the end.. I had no idea why I was so upset.

Kevin had requested my address, and you can see from the chat that he offered to send me items to make up for it, and although I appreciated the gesture, it wasn't necessary, as I was in the wrong too.
Today.. I got a box in the mail from OMC.
In it was an I-Top (Not just any I-Top.. their exclusive black handle one) along with 4 cuttlebug folders.

Kevin, if you are reading this. Thank you. You didn't have to send me anything, but you went above and beyond, even tho I was at fault too. I already have the cuttlebug folders, so I will be giving them away on my blog for the 3D House Contest . I had a heck of a time making my first brad, but I think I got the hang of it now! I can't wait to try fabric I think it will be really neat, and hope to use them on a swap.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where I work!

Some have asked in the past on where I work, so I thought that I would share with everyone My "Office"
I am an Assisstant Cabinets and Appliances Manager at Menards. I have been with the company since August of 2003.

Here is Kitchen #1, also know as the Medallion Kitchen. Medallion Cabinets are manufactured in Waconia, MN (Almost down the road from Valley Fair!) I am in the process of repainting the walls, so I will post a new picture once they are painted! It will be a green color. (Something Sage. I remember the sage part... lol)

Kitchen #1 Medallion
This is Kitchen #2, also known as the Schrock Kitchen.
We are #2 in our region for Schrock cabinets (Marion IA just just pennies above us), and we have recieved GOLD awards for the last 6 years! (you can see 4 of them underneath the white cabinets on the far left side) Bob, our rep is AWESOME!

Kitchen #2 Schrock

Here are 2 more Medallion pieces - both Hutches. I am painting these walls too, and will post a new picture when they are done.
The one on the left will be painted a dark brown, and the one on the right will be a red.
(unfortunetly, colors weren't my choice LOL)

Kitchen 3 & 4 Medallion
Here is a blury picture of the "Main" aisle. The pretty Whirlpool Cabrio's are there in front of the big beam, and to the left of them are Whirlpool Duet Sports. And you can't really see it good, but after the Sports is a Maytag Gemini

Main Aisle - Washer
And... This is where I sleep LOL, somedays I would really like to take a nap! These Serta Mattresses are temping and usually calling my name late at night.
The best part about these? They are made just 9 miles down the road from the store, right in Clear Lake IA! (ya know.. Where Buddy Holly last played before his plane crash...)

Well, I hope that you enjoyed your 'tour'. I have many other things in the department, but these are the bigger items. There's Vacuums and Ready to assemble cabinets, and small appliances too. Thanks for stopping by!

Months - Hello Kitty

So, here's my "latest" thing. I know that there is a new calendar cart already coming out.. and it looks super cool.. but, what if I want the months in a font that I already have?

So.. I am going to be doing all 12 months in the different font carts and offering them here :)
(not too orginal, but..I haven't seen anyone do them yet!)
I am going to attempt to do one set per day..
This one is Hello Kitty Font, and you will need the cart to cut it.
Comes with regular and shadow.
if you don't want to cut all, just copy and paste the ones that you want to a new sheet.

Please comment if there are fonts that you would like, otherwise, I'll be doing them by random!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Miss Lilly

If these don't make ya smile... then I don't know what will!

My parents and Lilly went to Duluth and Brainard back in June :)
Here's some pictures!

Lilly and Grandma Olson (My Mom)
Lilly With Grandpa Olson (My Dad)
Lilly on the Boats

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Onesie File!

Here are 2 cards that I made... a while back..
One is for a friend that's expecting.. and we are sending her many boy thoughts!


and the other was for my cousin, who had a boy!



ONESIE CUT FILE for DS - You will need New Arrival to cut this!

Perfect Pear - Revisited!

This past weekend a Coworker got married! We were invited to the dance, and well, I just HAD to pull out my cricut (even tho I had no urge to LOL) and make her something super cute.

I went back to the Perfect Pear Card - because it's so darn cute! And this time, below you will find 2 cute files - one for a 5x7 Card (which is this one) and one for a 4.25x5.5 card (A2)
You will need Joys of the Seasons and Paper Doll Dress Up for this one!

Cuttlebug - D'vine swirl used for the back
Fun Flock for the leaves
Stickles for the veil and hat accents
and skittles for the veil and bow
I did not use the flowers in the cut file, instead I used Heather Flower Soft.


Made with JOTS and PDDU




Life Update.. last one..

This will be my last update on life.. lol.. unless something happens along the way.

(and.. well.. I'm too lazy to rewrite this, so this is from an email that I sent out yesterday to a group of mine..)

On the home front...
I have been kinda hesitant to post this, but well, I feel that I need to do it, because well, my address won't be changing.
After truly looking at my expenses and the cost of the apartment (and it is truly a great price), after paying Daycare (to my ex), Car insurance, Car Payment, Credit Cards, and then the apartment itself, I'd have about $100 left - and that was basing it off a "summer hours" paycheck, as winter is just 6 months away and money will be tighter then. The lady that I talked to at the Realty was really hesitant to let me rent with my credit score as low as it is (due to consolidating all my cards into one payment, and closing the accounts) and was willing to give it a try, but she didn't want me to get knee deep in crap and have no way out of the lease either, or get evicted because money was tight in the winter. The $100 would have left each month was to cover Gas, Food and Renters insurance (which I hadn't even looked into, but they suggested that I should have it)

I had a long long talk with my mom - we were on the phone for 3 hours! And well, my parents aren't perfect either. They have been married for 25 years, and I can't remember how many times my dad 'threatened' to move out, and mom would be there gladly helping him.. And vise versa (I remember mom came home drunk one night.. Late late at night... And Dad started throwing her clothes outside on the lawn... That was about 20 years ago!). But they were able to work through it all, and are still going strong. Charlie also had a long talk with his parents on Sunday night and found out that they too fight (he always thought that they never fought! Who doesn't?!) and also talked to them about personal things that has been eating him for the last 25 years... (Charlie was adopted from an orphanage in Guatemala when he was 8, and has had visions and such of his past that have been bothering him..he hates his past and had a really rough time before he ended up at the orphnage.. things like storms and firewords set him off cause it reminds him of the sounds of bombs....)

I don't think I was truly fair on my previous posts, as there are always 2 sides to every story, and well, I was just telling my side.
Charlie and I had a LONNNG talk. He feels that I spend too much time with my Internet friends and in my scrapbooking room. I think he spends too much fishing and with his cousin. (which Charlie has been a good influence on him, he's 16, and Charlie has been encouraging him to try to do well in school and that he needs to save his money that he is making at his grandparents farm. Charlie's parents will be taking responsibility of this boy for the winter while his grandparents vacation in Florida. Charlie's parents and the grandparents are sister/brother, and they all are in their 70's, so Charlie has been telling his cousin that he better behave at his parents house and not try to pull something lol) anyways, got way off topic there.. Charlie has been more than encouraging on my card sales - it was Charlie's mom that got me involved in all of them. And he doesn't complain when I spend my money on scrappy stuff... And then sometimes have an unexpected bill and need to borrow money until the next paycheck. There is a lot of good things that he has done. There has been many times where he has offered to help me with my cards, but usually I feel that he's "in the way" and then it doesn't go well. (and I'm selfish.. these are my toys and I have worked really hard to get them.. he won't let me use his drills or power tools, cause well, he's selfish with his toys too!)

We have decided to remain together, and seek counseling to see if that will help us. We are also going to do more things together, as I have drifted toward my room and he stays in the living room. We are planning for a trip to the Mall of America, so that I can go to Archivers, and there's a few things he wants to check out too. We are planning on the Renaissance festival in MN also, along with going back to our weekly Target trips to check out the clearance sections that somewhere down the road we stopped doing. I am going to *try* not to spend my entire days off on the computer (when we are both home) and to cook more 'real' meals. We were thinking of having a cookout before the end of summer and inviting a bunch of people from work to it.

Whew. Sorry for the long post. Thank you for listening, and thanks to everyone for the support that I have had for the last week.

**update** Today, I actually COOKED SUPPER! LOL, well, me and Betty Crocker did! But it was good, and wow, it didn't really take too long to make! Lovin' my oven!

More Gifts!

Two more Very Gernerous Gifts came in!! Oh my... Cut files are covered for like forever now!!
I can not thank you ladies enough!!! You have no idea how much this means to me. I will definatly get more and more cut files up!!! I'm working on a few right now, and some SVG's too!!

Thank you all so much!!!!