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Here you will find scrapbooking ideas. There's a ton of older posts that used the Cricut, but lately I haven't been using it much and well, my sewing machine is gaining more miles by the day.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


**Images used with permisson from MMC**
These are already shown on the Gypsy, but now, they are available to purchase!!
They are expected to be shipped in OCTOBER!!

They are only $47.99 EACH!
OR.. 2 For $86.99
OR all THREE for $129.99





Saturday, September 26, 2009

Limited Edition Carts! - Get Yours TODAY!!

NEW Limited Edition Mini Carts!!
These Carts have about 50 Images on them, and will be released Quarterly. From my understanding, they are all "One Time Deals"!
Cindy at Memory Making Crafts has them up for Preorder, with Delivery expected around Mid November. They are $19.99 each, OR Purcahse all Three for $49.99!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


(Sorry if you are seeing this via email, and it's Thursday night.. the party is over by then!)

Join me on Twitter and Tweet the night away with Provo Craft during their GYPSY PARTY!

http://tweetchat.com/room/gypsy# is where I'll be!

It's HSN's TSV for 9-24-09, and we're all excited to see it in action!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moving Van!

Or just a Van!
Made with George for Design Studio!


Picturesque and Champagne Colored E!

OK, so.. you may or may not heard by now, that Home Depot decided NOT to carry the Cricut. So what happens to the Exclusive Picturesque Cartridge?!
PC is offereing it with an E Bundle.

For only $399.00 (Plus roughly $15.99 shipping) you get a Champagne Colored E, the Picturesque Cartridge, an instructional CD, 12x12 Transfer Tape, 12x12 Black Vinyl, 12x12 Stencil Material Sheet, and a Black Cricut Marker.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's All Good!

And here's Two more SVG's :)


Drinks Are On Me Tonight!

I'm cleaning out my folders, and came across these SVG's that I haven't shared yet. Here's a few drinks! You will need SCAL to cut these out.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Moved Cards!

I finally got my cricut out! It still cut beautifully even after being in a box for 2 weeks :)
Paper is Bazzill Bling, mats are from the Spring Mat Stack.
Available as SCUT and SVG - Working on a Geroge Version too!

Win WinterWoodland!

Visit the CricutMessageboard, and enter to win WinterWoodland!
PC is giving away 100 of these cartridges to celebrate their #100 cartridge!

Here is where you can view the Cartridge - WINTER WOODLAND

And here's the Thread to post to to enter to win! Cricut Celebrates Cartridge #100

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spooky Word Book

Just a Simple wordbook for today! Made with Geroge

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow! 250 Followers!

Just noticed it this morning! I now have 250 followers! That's fantastic :)
Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Scrapbooking Table!

I have been working all day on this - from running to Menards to purchase my legs, to staining, to getting the last leg on... there is still work to be done to make it more sturdy, and I am hoping to cut the wood tomorrow at work, and get that attached on. But I am so excited to show you all what I did ALL BY MY SELF!

This piece of Countertop I got for a steal! It's 36x72 with a beveled edge with a wood insert. The wood is stained in "Cherry". The color is Smokey Topaz by Wilson Art. This piece alone retails for about $350-$400, and I got it for... $15.00! There was a scratch on it, so my boss was feeling very generous that day since he knew of my situation and this was his way of helping me out!

I got the "legs" in the Milwork Department, they are actually Stair Spindles, and I stained them in the same Cherry stain that matches the countertop.

I still am going to get some 1x3's and run a "frame" around the edge, so that the legs don't bow out - when I was trying to move it into its spot, it reminded me of Bambi walking on the ice! LOL. The 1x3's I will be painting Black, since they will be either Pine or Fir, and may not stain the same color. I think the black will be a nice touch!

This table cost me so little! $15 for the top, $$31.00 for the legs, and $17 for the hardware. The frameing board will be under $10, for a total of $73.00! and it will double as a dining table too :)

Here is a closeup of the countertop color.

This shows the wood edge, color and the legs..

This one shows the little scratch, that because of it, the guest that ordered it refused the piece (so we reordered another one at no charge - it was scratched before he even picked it up)
And this one is a full view of the table. The legs are 32 1/2, and then there are 2-1x2's that the legs are attached to, so this piece sits at about 34 1/2 inches high (maybe slightly more) there is room on the bottom of the legs that I can cut off a few inches, but I am waiting until I get the framing done to see how much I want to cut off (if any) and I'm sure I'll take off atleast an inch or so, so that I can use it with my desk chair.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3D House Contest - Cancelled

Since I have not recieved any entries for the 3D house contest I posted back in July, this is just a post to say that it's been cancelled due to lack of interest. Maybe I will try it again in December, when I have time to create one myself, that my help inspire someone!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back Online!

I'm back online!!

Here's is an update on me.

It's finally over. The whole "lets work it out" thing DIDN'T work out, and quite frankly, I didn't think that when he said that he wanted to work it out that it ment that he was going to start going through my phone, questioning about people that I talk to, and accuse me of sleeping around. On August 22nd, he did this after a happy trip to the cities, all because I wanted to go to JoAnn Fabrics and look around. He thought that I was meeting someone. And then since I wouldn't admit to doing something that I wasn't doing, he told me to pack up and get out. I spent that night at a girl friends house. If that wasn't worse enough, he even went up to the guy that I was "seeing" and even though he said that we were just friends and never saw eitherother out of work (quite impossible, since we work completely opposite shifts - I'm on my way into work, and he's leaving and vise versa) He still didn't believe it. Whatever. He's got a BIG trust issue, and I was just plain sick of it. I don't go out with friend from work, and I don't have friends (except online) outside of work. I've always come right home after work, and have never given any reason to suspect anything. (and he on the otherhand.. well, spends all his time outside the house, is out fishing till 10-11 at night, and has spents a few nights at his uncle's house with his younger cousin and his cousin's girlfriend - I'm not saying that he was doing anything, but well, I'd have more reason to believe that he was with him never being home)

I sold a bunch of my scrapbook stuff to come up with my deposit and first month's rent, and moving day was this past Saturday. My mom and Brother came down from MN to help move the big stuff, and everything I own is in this tiny apartment. I didn't get the one that I had looked at earlier and posted pictures of, this one is smaller, and was $120 a month cheaper too. But it's cozy, and I don't think I'll ever have to worry about being cold.. (it's currently 90 inside! - and it's 11pm at night as I write this!) The only air conditinior is in the bedroom and I have a few fans that I have been running, but I'm trying to keep the bill low to prepare for bigger bills in the winter.

I will post pictures later, but thought that I should let everyone know why I've been away and have not posted.

I'll be posting more! I still have BLOG CANDY to do here soon!