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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

$9.99 12x12 Stack's at J's Online!

Too many cute papers to choose from.. and So little moola to get them! LOL!
J's Online has the NEW Stacks - and they are only $9.99 each!! WOWZER! That's one heck of a deal!
Here's the ones that I am looking at..

Whimsy.. I think this one would be GREAT for cards!!

Latte Cardstock - My favorite colors, all in ONE stack! Love the Greens, purples, Blues and Browns! This one is sure to be a winnerAnd, you can't have the cardstock without the patterned cardstock.. I think they will go perfect with the solids!

And then.. I've been waiting for a Kitchen themed paper stack! And they now make one - Nana's Kitchen. I think this would be perfect for those recipes pages! So.. I've been going back and forth on these.. and I think.. that I will order all but the Kitchen one.. why? I don't make too many recipe pages.. so I think I'll hold off on this one.. and get it next time!

For those that are thinking of buying.. here's their site - JOANN'S AND.. here's a code for FREE SHIPPING over $25! EML030 So.. for only $29.97, I am getting 3 stacks.. that's a savings of $30 Plus the $6.95 for shipping! What a great deal :)

I've been Tagged!

Thanks to Pam! I've been tagged. Be sure to check out her blog as she remodels her craft room! I love the paints that she picked out and I can't wait to see the final result!

Here's the directions : you are to go to your pictures and pick the 6th folder and then the 6th picture in that folder. Post it and explain what it is all about.
My 6th folder says "Cricut Carts"... hmm.. this will be interesting..
and the 6th picture in it is ::
This is the small sample view of Base Camp. And now... I have to explain it.. hmm.. well.. OH, I remember! When I made the spreadsheets / PDF files of the carts, I used these small samples to show a picture of the cart. These sheets need to be updated now with the new carts, and now I am reminded that I should do that before even more carts are released!

So.. Now I am going to Tag 6 other blogs that I visit - and see what is hiding in their 6th, 6th!
I am tagging.. Christina April Jill Jenn M Julia Leah

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hannah Montana Valentines

These took me a good 2 1/2 hours to make 10.. LOL!

Oh well, they are WELL worth it!

  • Embossing folder is Heart Blocks (?)
  • Hannah Stamp from Walmart
  • Rhinestone Eyelets
  • Butterflies from Hong Kong (no joke.. ordered them off Ebay)
  • Paper is Bazzill Bling High Heels muliti pack (Thanks Cindy S!)
  • Belt is Gold Stickles

And here is the Back.. Perfect for Mini M&M's!

Love My Kitties!

Well, GOOD news! The cats are fat enough to be fixed! Surgery will be either Feb 2nd or Feb 3rd, and we will pick them up on Feb 6th!
Here's some pictures.. they have changed so much since the last few pictures. They are more playful now!
Playing In Action
Maddison with the ball
Maddison - isn't she beautiful!

Apparently, they think this "bracket" is really a wall.. and that they can sneak up on eachother by hiding behind it..

Oscar, playing with a ball with feathers.. not too fond of the feathers tho...

Blog Candy Winner!

WOW! I am amazed at the response for the Blog Candy, and want to thank each and everyone of you for leaving a comment! There was 100 responses!!

But.. only one get the gifts.. and it's ... ....

Post #53 <----- Number choosen by Charlie!

Now.. I gotta count.. and count again.. make sure I got the right post LOL..

it's MARYNSC!!!

Mary, Please email me at amkscrap @ gmail . com (without the spaces) and I will get your candy in the mail tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Award!

Thanks to MaryNSC for the Fabulous Blog Award!

Rules are: I have to Pass this on to 5 blogs that I think are Fabulous!

Geez.. only 5? I can think of many that are great!

1 - JenC - there isn't anything this gal CAN'T make with the Cricut! Check out her AWESOME cut files!

2 - Robin - Check out her videos! They are WONDERFUL!!

3 - Nilda - This gal does amazing stuff with the cuttlebug! Check out her very elegant Valentines card!

4 - Regina - Wonderful and Very Talented lady! I love all her cards. - and check out her delicious Cupcake holders! WOW! Be sure to check out her other blog too - BittenByTheBug

5 -YoungestBrat - Check out her boobie cards - perfect for valentines! (I am gonna lift this one!)

So there you have it! Please enjoy the above blogs :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PaperDoll Overlays

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone!
This is a PDF file of all the overlays for Paper Dolls. I printed it out for a friend, and she loves it, as she does not have DS to view the cart.
**NOTE** overlays on the file are upsidedown the will however, print out fine as you can turn the paper once it printed.

For all your Cooling Needs!

And here, are not one.. not two.. but THREE different Refrigerators!

How cool is that?!

There's the Side By Side.. and the Traditional Top Freezer... and then the French Door Design. You can put the water in the door too if you'd like.. or leave it out.. either or!
This ONE cut file, will cut ALL THREE :) and this was all done with George!
I DO take requests on (major) appliances.. I will be making a Double Oven (Gemini) here soon, and wall ovens too. Just leave a comment if there is something that you would like to see!

Kitchen Appliances!

With the talk of the New Kitchen and Bath Decor Cart, I remembered that way back when (can't remember) but I did a set of 4 appliances, and the cut file never got to my blog.

So here it is! - ALL done with Geroge!
One File gives you the Stove, Microwave and the Dishwasher. - See the Refigerator Post for your Cooling options!

DOWNLOAD KITCHEN APPLIANCES - Stove Microhood and Dishwasher

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Cricut Carts!!

Soultion Carts: Stamping Solutions, Kitchen and Bath Decor, and European Decor
Hannah Montana

A Child's Year

Ashlyn's Alphabet

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Candy!!

OK, I know that I have that I want to reach 50,000 hits, but I wanted to do this now instead :)
Please Post a comment to the Blog (for those that get email update, please do not reply to the email, as I get too many to keep track) There is a button at the end of this post that says "x Comments" with x being a number. I will randomly pick someone on Friday January 23rd!
This is: 3 bottles of Martha Stewart Glitter, and 3 bottles of Liquid Pearls. Also included is the Martha Stewart Glue for the glitter.
Thanks for being on my email list, a Blog Follower, or just someone passing by!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Glue Glider Pro!

I am happy to report that My new favorite Toy is the Glue Glider Pro!

of course, I have not opened up my Paper Gator... or Your Story... or my Just Rite Stamps..but it is my favorite for now!

Visit Memory Making Crafts for a GREAT price on the dispenser AND the Refills!

Dispenser is $12, and the refills are ONLY $4.50! - just click on the Glue Glider Pro on the front page to be taken to the deals. HURRY.. this pricing ends on 1-23-09! The Refills alone normally are $8 and change.. so approx 1/2 price is a great deal!

I just broke down.. and purchased 15 of the Perma Tac Refills... I can't wait till they get here!

I got an Award!

Thank you Jill - Diva in Pink, for nominating me for this award.

I recieved the Kreativ Blogger award!

So, I am to name my 7 favorite things: (in no particular order)

1. Work. Yes, I like going to work. I am a Kitchen Designer at Menards. I'm a Department Manager in the Cabinets and Appliances. I like working with a variety of people, and help them to design one of the biggest investments they will do for their home.

2. My Cricut. Silly to list a Machine, however I have made (Ok, I feel I have made) many wonderful things, and there will be many more to come. I just wish that I wasn't doing my other favorite thing (work) all the time, so I could play with it more.

3. My Online Friends. Thank you to all my online friends, I wish that I could spend days with everyone at a group Swarm, and get to know everyone better.

4. My Two Kitties, who will be comming home in approx 2 1/2 weeks! I can not wait to see what Joy they bring to the house!

5. The Color Blue. Yes, even tho I wear it every day for work... I can't help by like it. Maybe that's another reason to like working.. I get to wear my favorite color!

6. Thunder Storms.. which I really could use one right now - Ugh, I am SO sick of snow. I wish it would rain.. well, maybe not the rain, but I really could use a night with thunder and lightening and crackles and such!

7. Music. I love music. I listen to practically ANYTHING. From Garth Brooks.. to Hannah Montana... from Elton John.. to Britney Spears.. I love it all!

Now, I am going to name 7 blogs that I feel should get this award too!

Tammey - http://tammeybrown.blogspot.com/

Diane - http://scrappindee.blogspot.com/

Eva - http://evafromca.blogspot.com/

Christina - http://sameoldscrap.blogspot.com/

Ted - http://tedologycrafts.blogspot.com/

Enfys - http://going-buggy.blogspot.com/

Karen - http://reallifeinpictures.blogspot.com/

I was RAK'D!!

And it was 100% random - I have NO idea who sent it!
This arrived on Saturday.. along with a note :
For the new Kitties. Hoping cricut will have cut outs soon.
The return address was MY address (and Silly Charlie asked me why I would send something to myself!) But in all honesty, I can't even make out the postmark to see where it came from!
Thank you so much to whomever RAK'D this to me! It was a great surprise in my mailbox!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kitty Pictures!

I've been Visiting Maddison and Oscar on my days off and my early days - they are getting bigger! Course every time I got there I fill up their food dish to make sure they are getting enough food :) We figure 2 more weeks and they will be ready!

Here is Maddison on the left and Oscar on the right, eating.

Here is Oscar playing with a ball

Here's Oscar.. such sad eyes.. I think he's saying "another picture?" LOL!

And here's Maddison - she's such a pretty kitty!

And here they are playing. Maddison would hide behind that divider.. and then pounce on to Oscar.. it's so cute! I got video, but where they are is actually under a shelf, and the lighting in there is horrible.. I had to use the flash to get most of these pictures, and my camera doesn't have a flash option while taping. But once we get them home I'll share videos :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've been busy making cards tonight! My Bingo group has a card club, and I'm embarrassed to say that I fell behind. But I am caught up now!!

Here's the cards!

Very Very simple card.

Paper is from the Sweet Stack.
Ribbon was in my stash, and the green thing is a pop tab from a Monster Energy Drink (that my BF has been saving for me)

Hello was just a misc stamp in my stash!

It was "Use my scraps" night.. and I started with the stars paper. Not sure who makes it. Embossed with D'vine Swirl. Yellow card stock, and Blue cardstock stars (cut with Cricut) Quote was printed on my computer

Paper is Pebbles Inc, Embossed with Distressed Stripes - Crayon is a panit chip, Free from Menards and wording is Word Art, done with Microsoft Word

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, we are finally going to adopt. We've been thinking of getting a cat since last year some time, but never really got around to it. So, today we took the plunge and went out searching for baby kittens. We wanted 2 so that they would have a playmate.

We found these 2 adorable kitties at our local Animal Shelter. They were dropped off before Thanksgiving (roughly) - actually, the mom was dropped off, the babies weren't born yet.
They are about 2 months old, and less than 2lbs. They need to reach the 2lbs to be fixed, and then we can bring them home! We are only adopting the 2 kittens, as someone was interested in adopting the mom, but didn't want to take her before the kittens were adopted.
This first one is Oscar.

And here is Maddison (she was such a poser! I'm gonna have a LOT of fun taking pictures!)

And here's their mom, Addison