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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Is just around the corner!! And ya know what that means... Fun Halloween Display at the store!
So... on Monday, I was asked by the Hardware Manager to recut the letters that I did last year. Last year they used glue to hang them up, and well, they didn't survive the tear down :( So.. this year I got smart, and laminated them. He also requested a Ray that was about this *holding hands up in the air* tall. For those that don't know, I work for Menards, and our "Spokesman" so to speak is Ray, The Menards Guy. So... I grabbed some signstock from work that matched the Lemex SPOOKY TOWN lettering perfectly, and took it home, and with SCAL I was able to create 2 fun Rays, and the lettering.

Originally, this was suppose to go down one of the aisle above the Spooky Town Village, hanging from the shelves. However... when Nick (The Hardware Manager) saw the Rays that I made.. he said that they deserved to be in the MAIN AISLE cuz they were "so damn good"

This picture (well.. not the exact one I guess.. the one I used had feet) is what my "template" was last year when I made Ray for Christmas... HERE IS a link to my Original RAY and CHRISMTAS RAY (Which, Christmas Ray will be redone for the Christmas display this year.. bigger and made in to Santa Ray... too bad he never had a girlfriend lol for Mrs Claus :)
The Font is POST CRYPT , which can be found FREE on many different font sites. Do you see Ray?? The letters were cut at 10 1/3 x 4 1/2. Then Laminated. I then punched holes into them, and used Ornament hooks through the holes. The Hardware Department used a Staple gun to attach to the Lattice fence piece (which is covered by the black fabric) and then the ornament hooks were bent around the staples The overall aisle is about 7-8 feet wide.
Here is "Franken-Ray" up close....
I did use PPDU for the hair, otherwise, everything else was cut from SCAL
And here is "Dra -Ray -cula"
Hair and Cape from PPDU, you can't tell at all but the cape has a seam right through the middle. Since his body covers it, it looks like ONE piece :) I believe the bottom of the cape from left to right measure like 15 inches, and height of cape is 11 inches (I just have 12x12 mats for my cricut) Hard to see in the picture, but on his shirt where the collar is turned, I used brads to hold it back.
So, there is the Mason City Menards' Main Aisle Halloween Display for the year! I hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I had making the pieces for it! Tomorrow's the "BIG" day.. ya see, the Main Store Manager had the day off today... so.. I'm hoping that he will like this display as much as the rest of the Team! And then again Tuesday... when peeps from the General Office make their weekly visit..
(I think RAY would approve!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back To School Blog Hop!

Thanks for taking the time to stop at my blog! I'm so excited, as this is my first time in having a blog on a hop. I'll try not to ramble too much, as there are many stops to go. I'd like to take a moment to thank Sarah over at Pink Cricut, for inviting me to participate! Thanks so much, and I'm looking forward to doing this again! You should have arrived here from her blog, if not, please make sure to check it out!

This blog hop runs from Saturday 8am until Sunday Night at 11:30pm

Be sure to leave a comment, letting me know that you were here (and I LOVE comments!) Plus, as the end of this hop, everyone that comments will be entered to win the New Cricut Cartridge, HAPPY HAUNTINGS, from Memory Miser, who is the Sponsor of this Hop! And Tangee over at Kricut Krazy will be giving away Cindy Loo, donated by ScrappySales.

This has been a crazy week as between work and trying to work on my project, it's been a wonder I've gotten much sleep. This was a challenge for me, as I don't really have any back to school type pictures, and with Lilly being with her father, well, he's not always good about remembering to bring the camera places. However, I know that they have school pictures and "First day of School" and such, and she likes to color and draw, so she can always do that to fill this book up.

For this hop, I did a mini book. The overall size is 10x10. I wanted to do something unique that I haven't done before, so me and my Bind it All got to know eachother a little bit, as we did a few runs cause I've never done more than one set of holes before. After checking out some online tutorials on how to line up the punches, I still think I did it wrong :) But it opens, closes and looks alright, so that's all I'm worried about.

Cartridges Used::
Locker Talk
Designer's Calendar
Speaking of Fall
Paper Doll Dress Up

Most of the patterened paper is by The Paper Studio, and the solid cardstock was just random pieces in my stash.

I apologize for the bad photos, couldn't find my camera so used my phone, and the lighting in my place is horrible!

The book is made with Matboard, and I cut the windows out on my cricut. All lettering was done with Cricut Keystone. The bus and the 2nd Grade were cut from Locker Talk. Faces from Paper Doll Dress Up.

Here is the front of the book
Close up of the front.. Stamps used are Peachy Keen
Open both sides.. Apple cut from Locker Talk

Turn the left page open, all photo mats accomedate standard photos.. the larger one is for her yearbook picture. Apple on Left page cut from Locker Talk

Turn the right page.. Here she can write about her first day.. Lettering from Keystone

Turn the left page.. and a spot to write about what she likes about school. Lettering from Keystone

Turn the right page.. The book fully open. Lettering on Left is from Keystone. Calendar and September cut from Designers Calendar. Apple and Scissors from Locker Talk, Leaves from Speaking of Fall.

Close up of the calendar. While doing this I realized I don't have a small number stamp set, so I handwrote the dates in
Thanks so much for looking! Your next stop on the hop is Cheryl at Nana's Creative Corner
Blogs on the hop:: - Please be sure to stop at each one!
Sarah at Pink Cricut
YOU ARE HERE---->Amanda at Cricut Creations
Cheryl at Nana's Creative Corner
**just a quick note.. my comments are moderated, so if it doesn't show up right away it's cause I have to click the button for it to be published, so no need to comment more than once.. I'm home all day and approving as they come in, Thanks!!**

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Hop!!

I'm so excited!! This Saturday, please join me on a BLOG HOP featuring the theme "Back to School" I am working on a few things to show for this, and I'm sure the other bloggers would also love for you to stop by their blogs too! Hope to see ya then!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Candy Winners!

Thank you all for commenting, and visiting my blog! I wish that I had enough blog candy to go around to everyone :)

Here are the winners! Please contact Amanda at amkscrap @ gmail.com (without the spaces) with your address information. The stamps will come straight from MMC, and the Cart I will get shipped out this week!

For the Grandiflora Roses Set 2 - Marjorie From TX

For the Grandiflora Roses Set 1 - KimberleyG

and for the Graphically Speaking Cartridge - Annette Simpson

Thank You All!