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Monday, July 27, 2009

Yet Another Generous Gift!

I can not thank these ladies enough!

Cutfiles are covered now for 9 months! I am very blessed to have many online friends, just reading through the comments, you all have been really great and supportive!!

Thank you SO MUCH!!!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Generous Gift!

There was another generous gift this morning, and I am proud to say that cut files are covered for the next SIX MONTHS!

Thank you so much to the Generous donors - you both are greatly appreciated!!

On a more personal note - I'm taking it one day at a time. I will be looking at apartments this week, as I stoped by a rental office yesterday to see what was available, and there are 2 that will be ready next week. I may bump up my move from August 22ndish to the weekend of the 11th, depending on how things go, and if my parents can up down that weekend. My most wonderful baby brother (OK, he's 22) has offered to send me the money for deposit and first months rent, so this can all be possible.

I am going through things right now, trying to see what I really don't need and what I can sell to get a few things - I don't have a bed (gonna buy an air mattress at work to start out with) and the only "real" furniture I own is the pieces in my craft room. So, Desk, 3 big cabinets (full of scrap stuff) a 5 shelf bookcase, and my curio cabinets that hold my snow globes. I guess I'll be checking out Craig's list for a kitchen table and chairs (anyone have any expierence with this?) and my parents are gonna bring down a TV. It's hard to believe how much stuff I don't have, but I have never lived alone, and well, I think that this is something that I need to do, and well, things WILL get better.

Thank you to all those that are saying prayers - I believe that this will make me stronge enough to do this - I have a plan, and just need all the mental support that I can to continue to go through with it all!

Cut Files - Will stay!

Thanks to a generous gift, the cut files will be available for another 3 months! And by then I should be 'back on my feet' and have more cut files available.

I don't think I can thank her enough for what she has done - I greatly appreciate it, and it means so much to me.

Thank you once again!

Friday, July 24, 2009

4 More Days..

Is how much longer the cut files will be available.

I have been going through a tough time in well, since I can remember, and in a nutshell, me and my boyfriend are splitting up, which means that I am moving out.

I will keep the blog up, and hope to be able to come back to it, however, right now the funds just aren't there to keep the cut files the way that they are. I have spent over $120 on the file space, and $20 of that was donations from others. Right now I need to save any and every penny that I have for a deposit and first's month rent on an apartment. Maybe someday I will switch to a different provider for the files, however I just don't have it in me right now.

With the cut files download provider not being renewed, please keep in mind that this will affect not just my blog, but a few others too. And to those blog owners - I am really sorry that I can no longer provide this, and that if you want to go a different route that it's more work for you to switch all your links. It has been fun for the last 18 months, but I think that it's time to end, for now.

Thank you to all my followers, for you are the reason that I kept going :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas In July!!

Visit Linda's Blog, Just for Sharing, for some special cut files!
Linda created these last year around Christmas time, and they were limited offers, but she is having Christmas in July - you have until July 25th to download these, and they are ALL really nice too!!
Links will take you to the pages, and you can see the images and download from there!

Chritmas Toppers

Paper Ribbon Bow

Another Paper Bow

Gift Bag and Bows

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Memory Making Crafts is Proud to present..
How would YOU like to WIN BIG?
With all the new goodies coming out at CHA... How would YOU like to WIN the money to purchase them FIRST from Memory Making Crafts?!
GUARANTEED $100 for the first place winner!!!!

Join Memory Making Crafts to play!
(be sure to tell them that Amanda sent you!)

3D House Made with George.. and CONTEST!

Moving on to Happier thoughts!

Here is a 3D house, that I made with George, but used the New Winter Woodland cart as my "base"
And here's the contest part!
Cut this cute house out, decorate it, and send me a picture! You can email it to me at amkscrap@gmail.com or post a comment and post a link of it on your blog.
I wanna see what can be made! I'll then post all the pictures recieved on here, and then we'll have a vote to pick a winner! Winner will recieve some BLOG CANDY. Not sure what yet, but I promise it will be good!

**sending your picture to me gives me permisson to post it on this blog for the voting, pictures will not be used for any other reason**


RESERVE your Copies today!!

Are you tired of preordering new carts, to be out of $40-$60, PER CART until you get the carts?

Are you tired of having all that money tied up. If you bought the first 4 carts (Everyday Paper Dolls, Winter Woodland, From my Kitchen and Sweethearts) you'd be out anywhere from $160+ and not have the carts to show for it!

However.. Don't miss out on this WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!!!

RESERVE your copies at Memory Making Crafts - For only $10 per cart!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Explaination of the posts yesterday!!

I was in such a hurry last night, and I am finally logging on for the day.

The images below are previews of the carts that will be released at CHA in less than 2 weeks!

2 of these carts... will be EXCLUSIVE to the GYPSY.

That's right folks.. 2 of the WONDERFUL carts below, well, you'll have to buy a GYPSY to own it! (Well, that's the rumor anyways.. see http://just-a-scrappin.blogspot.com/ for more details!)

But.. Just wanted to clarify that I did not create these images in DS - I did screenshots of them of what they will contain. If you update DS, you will see the new carts. These are not images to download - you will need the carts to cut them, and well, the carts are not out yet.

Sorry for any confusion this has caused!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New! Winter woodland!

NEW! ! Serenade

New! Picturesque!

New! Sweethearts!

NEW! Everyday paper Dolls!

Click on them to make them bigger!!

NEW CARTS!!! From My Kitchen

WOW! New Carts!!
Here's some screen shots of them!

(I think MY STOVE and major appliances look better than theirs! LOL.. but I love the small appliances they have on here!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wash Day!

Here is another layout from Phyllis (GrannyPJ), using the Washer and Dryer Cut File!
Download Basic Washer Dryer


You Save Big Money.. When you shop Menards... Plumbing Electrical Appliances too, the savings will always come right back to you! You Save big Money, You save Big Money.. When you shop Menards!
I am SO proud of this - as it's my First Layered SVG! - The files are SCUT, which you can open with SCAL.

Here is RAY, the "Menards Guy" He did the commercials from ?? Through 1998. Ray is still found in Many Ads, Commercials and Newsprint of Menards - he's all over at the store I work at!

Ray is in 2 parts. All ready to go and cut! Make Sure you download BOTH parts of Ray, otherwise, you'll have only half of him!
RAY PART 1 (Body, Shirt, Skin Colors)
RAY PART 2 (Face items)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cooking With Elizabeth!

GrannyPJ from the Cricut board shared these adorable layouts of her 4 year old Great Granddaughter Elizabeth, cooking!

Phyllis used the Sink and Disposal File, and the Kitchen Appliances Cut Files!
I think she did a wonderful job, and I am excited that she used my files, and honored that she is letting me share them on here with you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Win $1000!

OK, you have GOT to check this out!!

Over at the Cuttlebug Spot, they are GIVING AWAY $1000!! (Courtsey of Custom Crops!) They are trying to reach 1000 followers. All you have to do to enter is check out their blog, become a follower and then announce on YOUR blog about the giveaway! How easy is that?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sink and Garbage Disposal

There was a request on the cricut board for a Sink and Garbage disposal, so I thought that I would share it will everyone!
Sink and disposal.. made to fit on a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 card front
This needs to be layered "just" right.

There are 3 mats

Mat 1 has components for Dishwasher and sink with pipes
Mat 2 has the card base, Cabinet outline and countertop
Mat 3 has the disposal and faucet

Cut the card base, Cabinet outline and countertop - each in a different color
I would cut the sink and pipes in either White or Silver, and dishwasher in your preference. (I like black base with silver on top.. or silver base with black on top)
when layering.. have the cabinet base on the bottom. Then put the sink and pipes - this goes just a little over the cabinet base, as then the countertop goes on top, with some of the sink showing on the top.
I would mount the faucet behind the sink, as the base part of the faucet is 'bigger' than normal to do this.

Would love to see the finished product!!!