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Here you will find scrapbooking ideas. There's a ton of older posts that used the Cricut, but lately I haven't been using it much and well, my sewing machine is gaining more miles by the day.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Memory Making Crafts has the BEST deal on TWO Carts that are being RELEASED in MARCH!!! Click on the cart to go to Memory Making Crafts and get your's ordered today!!
These are FULL Carts - be one of the FIRST to have it! $58.99 each! (plus shipping)

Spring Layout

Maybe if I start thinking Spring, the snow will disappear.. well one can wish!
Here's a layout that I did using flowersoft.
The wheelbarrow and Watering can were from WIMG, and the vine was
from Zooballoo!
3/16 flower shapped eyelets along the vine.
Glitter paper from DCWV, and the stamps on the 2nd page are also
And of course, Butterflies from Hong Kong LOL :)
Thanks for looking!

Simple Birthday Card

This is for my Grandmother - she'll be 70-something on Friday
Paper - Latte Stack
Pretty stamp that I paid way too much for (thought they were on sale, and didn't realize that they weren't until I got home) But I'll get a lot of use out of it, it was a 4 pack acrylic.
D'vine Swirls folder used on the middle purple paper.
Ribbon from my Stash.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Washer / Dryer (Revisited)

I posted this atleast a year ago.. but since I have finally cut it out, I thought that I would share it again!
Cut file is below :)

Here's a link to the orginal post - WASHER DRYER SETWASHER - DRYER CUT FILE

Monday, February 9, 2009

DS Changes.. and News from CHA..

Check out Linda's Blog for the upcomming changes to Design Studio, including a NEW program called Design Studio PRO

And then.. Check out Glenda's Interview with Provo Craft while at CHA..
Sounds like we'll be getting a total of 25 new carts this year! Including 10 Licensed ones - including DC Comics.

Sadly, no Cat Cartridge.. :(
and no Paper Doll Dress Up 2 :(

But.. I'll be anxiously waiting for DS PRO, and DC Comics!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Kittens are home!!

The Kittens are home, and adapting to their new bigger play area quite nicely!

Here is Maddison, Catching some rays..
And here is Oscar..
Oscar and Maddison.. the little butterfly squeeks, and the purple mouse has catnip in it!

And another of Maddison..
Here is Maddison's Favorite place to sleep..
And Her playing with a new toy

2 things that really Bug me..

and I don't want to upset anyone. But I feel at this time, it should be said.

I really appreciate all those that follow my blog, and all those that get my email updates. But, these few little things have been bugging me for a while, and now I seriously am rethinking offering my cut files.

#1... MY NAME IS AMANDA. I'm not trying to be mean about it, but I'm not Amber. I'm not Ashley. I'm not Amy. It's Amanda. Maybe I should move the "About me" up to the top, that show's my picture, and it says Amanda K. I guess the way I am seeing it, is that I get emails saying "Great Job Amber" or "Thanks for sharing Amy" and I wonder if they know someone named Amber/Amy and they are getting us mixed up, or if they honestly forgot my name.

#2... Please leave comments. This makes me sad that 97 people did not hesitate to download my Monster Truck Cut File.. and only 2 people left a comment. Yet... when I offered blog candy.. all 3 times, over 100 people left comments. Pick Me!! Pick me!!!
I love sharing what I make - but I also love hearing others say "Good Job" or "That looks really nice".

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox. Feel free to comment below.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Mail Box

So.. Where are all these Valentines going to be ? Or, it would be better to ask, what will Lilly use to collect the Valentine's that others will give her? (or atleast I hope that she uses it!)

Here is a Mail Box that I purchased at Walmart, for $4.00

Letters cut out with Storybook. Thanks to JustCrazy4Scrapen from the Cricut Board for doing these cuts for me - as I don't have Storybook yet.
They are Decorated with Skittles. Paper - Unknown for the patchwork, but the bottom is from the Metallic Stack. Ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Here is a close up of the flowers on the top. I used my Crop A Dile Big Bite to punch the holes for the Brads. Remember those flowers I dyed a while back? The pink ones are from that. The yellow ones are PetalooHannah Montana Adorns the back, paper is from the Spring Glitter Stack. Hearts are Quilled (not by me tho - bought that way)

Tinkerbell covers 90% of the other side. She was cut out in Glitter Paper, except for the skin Tone, that was Bazzill. More quilled flowers. And to spice it up, there's a Chipboard piece in the bottom Left corner.

And here is the front - with a mini Lilly, cut from Paper Dolls. Hong Kong Fabric Butterflies and skittles for decoration.

Gifts for Teachers

This is the gift that I made for the Teachers. There's atleast 6 teachers that Lilly sees through out the week - including Music, Gym, and Computer Class.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monster Truck Cut File

Here's the Monster Truck that I used to make the Valentines :)
Flame is Indie Art, Truck is George.


You Drive me Crazy Valentine!

Here's my Monster Truck Valentines.. Although they look more like Trucks with big Wheels.

Thank you to those that tried helping with SCAL, I couldn't get my cricut to cut that detailed of an image, and quite frankly.. I got in a pinch and couldn't take the 20 minute cut time and it teared all my paper.. So this was made with Design Studio.
I will share the cut file for the truck here shortly - hoping to have it uploaded tonight.

Embossing folders - Swiss Dots on the Tires, Traffic Jam for Background. Distressed Stripes on the Dirt, and Dirt mound was cut from Paper Dolls.

Monster Truck Designed in DS with George, and Flame is from Indie Art.

Bazzill Paper for background. Cricut paper for Truck and Black Tires and Gray Window. Metallic Stack for Silver Flame and Silver Rims

This is an A2 Size.

Phrases include - Get Ready to Rumble Valentine ; You're a Winner with me Valentine ; and You Drive me Crazy Valentine

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Altered Target Mailbox

So, lots of people talk about these cute little mailboxes from Target's $1 section..
Here is one that I've altered :)