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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Mail Box

So.. Where are all these Valentines going to be ? Or, it would be better to ask, what will Lilly use to collect the Valentine's that others will give her? (or atleast I hope that she uses it!)

Here is a Mail Box that I purchased at Walmart, for $4.00

Letters cut out with Storybook. Thanks to JustCrazy4Scrapen from the Cricut Board for doing these cuts for me - as I don't have Storybook yet.
They are Decorated with Skittles. Paper - Unknown for the patchwork, but the bottom is from the Metallic Stack. Ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Here is a close up of the flowers on the top. I used my Crop A Dile Big Bite to punch the holes for the Brads. Remember those flowers I dyed a while back? The pink ones are from that. The yellow ones are PetalooHannah Montana Adorns the back, paper is from the Spring Glitter Stack. Hearts are Quilled (not by me tho - bought that way)

Tinkerbell covers 90% of the other side. She was cut out in Glitter Paper, except for the skin Tone, that was Bazzill. More quilled flowers. And to spice it up, there's a Chipboard piece in the bottom Left corner.

And here is the front - with a mini Lilly, cut from Paper Dolls. Hong Kong Fabric Butterflies and skittles for decoration.


pprice said...

That mailbox is FABULOUS! My ds wouldn't let me make his this year! Now that I got a cricut and can do coool stuff, he's into making his own. Boys! I'm sure Lilly will LOVE that and be the envy of the whole school! DARLING!!! TFS!

~Christina~ said...

These are ADORABLE!!!! I have that patchwork paper too and it doesn't have a brand name on the part I have left, but I JUST bought it at Hobby Lobby in the open stock sheets:) If that helps anyone :)

lisa said...

Super cute! If I were making one, I'd scraplift off you. I really wnt the StoryBook cart, as well. It has the cutest font. Great job, Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! what a clever idea.

Olenka said...

This is such a gorgeous box hunny! Great job

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely adorable.
My son can't wait till we can make one for him.

ABritsWife said...

This is quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet...If I had any use for such a thing...I would give it a whirl, but I have 4 sons and the only girl in my life has four legs.

Nancy said...

Amanda, I love your mailboxes! They're fabulous... Nancy

amy jacobs said...

i love the tinkerbell side! Too cute!

SoMd Cricut Fan said...

Hey Amanda, that is the cutest mailbox ever. I never would have thought to do something like that for my daughter. Thanks for sharing !

Billie Dean-St Clair said...

Cute mailbox, Amanda!