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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Check out Stephanie's Blog! She's offering some pretty awesome blog candy!!! She hit 10,000 hits in 6 months.. and is offering $100! WOW! Go check out her blog and all her wonderful creations!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mocha Latte!

Or Coffee.. I prefer Latte's...

I made this for a really good friend of mine! Coffee Cat is the coffee house that she goes to, and I was talking to her the other day and she thought it would be cool to have a coffee mug with the logo on it. She was going to talk to the owner, who's a good friend of hers, to see if I may be able to sell them in her store! That would be awesome!

And here's a picture of it in "real" light.. to show the actual color of the mug!

Thanks to my friends at the Sure Cuts A Lot Yahoo group, for helping with turning a JPG into SVG!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 More Etched Jars!

WOW! These thing are addicting!

These are going to be "belated" easter gifts. Belated because I did them up Friday night, and I won't be able to mail them until Monday afternoon. But they are for Easter :)

This first one is for My Daughter, Lilly.
Lettering done with Storybook
Lilly Storybook

These darn things are so cute.. but hard to take pictures of!
Puppy from Animal Kingdom
Doggie Animal Kingdom

Flower From Storybook (I'm really liking the extras on this cart!)
Flower from Storybook

Butterfly from Indie Art
Butterfly Indie Art

And this one here, is for her Sister (which would be my Ex - Step - Daughter, and since she was apart of my life for 3 years, I wanted to include her too)
She's got a pretty name, Joslyn, but it's hard to find things with her name on it, and have it spelt correctly. Lettering from Storybook

Flower from Storybook
Flower from Storybook
Horse from Happily Ever After, She loves horses!
Horse from Happily Ever After

And then on the last side, I did the butterfly from Indie Art again.

Here is the finished product! I filled them with some easter chocolates :)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Glass Etching, with the Cricut!

I found this cute little jar at Walmart

and just had to see what I could do with it. Orginally, I was going to decorate it in Vinyl. But.. then a lightbulb went off and I thought I'd give it a shot and try Glass Etching!

I wondered Hobby Lobby, with my 25% off coupon in hand, looking for etching cream. It was in the aisle with the candle making supplies and the mosaic tiles. It was $8.50 for 3 oz. And then 25% off of that. So, $6.38 total.

I wanted flowers and butterflies, cause they are pretty. So I lined them up in DS so that they would fit on the sides of my jar. And then I cut it out on Vinyl. Vinyl was ordered from Ebay Seller Rice892.

I cut the vinyl into squares after it was done cutting, and then I removed it from my mat. I used a craft knife to cut it while on the mat. Here's a picture of the images

The first flowers are from Walk in my Garden, the butterfly is Indie Art, and the other flower and butterfly are also Walk in my Garden.

Using Transfer Tape, I put the images on my jar.

All images on Jar


Then, of course I couldn't find my stash of paint brushes, so I used a foam brush instead - it worked great!

Just be careful that you stay on your vinyl.. it will etch any glass, but doesn't hurt the vinyl or etch through it.
The directions on the cream say to let it sit for 5 minutes. I know I let it sit longer cause I lost track of time. It may have been 10 minutes or so. Then, wash it off. I took it into the bathroom and using a wash cloth, I wiped it down .
Then, let it dry. and Whal-la! You've etched!

Here's with paper behind it so that it can be seen better

And.. then I put my primas in there! Looks beautiful!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Update.. Ron and Kili

The judges have made their final decision...
and Ron and Kili won the "President's Award" - which was not an orginal prize in the contest.

Here's a blurb from the JC Hart Site:

"Before we announce the prize winners we'd like to recognize a contestant that made this contest even more special. Ron & Kili have been an inspiration. The story Ron shared with us through this contest and his video touched so many and spread across the internet more than any other. His story allowed him to reconnect with old friends, helped our little contest to spread to 37 countries, and gave us an outlook on life that we should all be fortunate enough to have. While Ron & Kili did not win a contest prize, Mr. Hart and the J.C. Hart family of associates would like to award them a special Presidential Award for taking the time to share their story and love for their Bayshore apartment home. We can't thank you enough."

I would like to congradulate the winner, and you can view her video here.

To Ron and Kili -
Thank you for sharing a view of your life with us! You are a true Inspiration, and Kili is Wonderful! I wish the best for you both :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

PDF List of Carts - Updated!

Please download the NEWEST UPDATED CHARTS!

Here are links to NEW and UPDATED PDF Files to help you keep track of your carts!

FONTS_2009 - Added Calligraphy Collection, Lyrical Letters, Aslyn's AphabetSHAPES 2009 - Added Life's a Beach, A Child's Year

SOLUTIONS_2009 - Added Home Decor, European Decor, Kitchen and Bath Decor, Stamping Solutions

LICENSED CARTS_2009 - *NEW* Moved all the Licenesed carts to their own file. Includes Hannah Montana and Sponge Bob

CLASSMATES_2008 (no update on the classmates, but thought it would be handy to have here)

Doggie and Kitty Charms

Here's some more charming embellishements :)
Uses George and Animal Kingdom

Lovin' SCAL

I said I wouldn't do it. Design Studio was enough for me. But now.. I've done it. I've had SCAL on my computer for a few months now, and haven't really cut anything from it. I didn't like how it was super slow. (Later to find out that it was because of the image I was trying to cut, not the program itself.)

My manager came up to me on Friday, before he left for California. Handed me a piece of paper with a name, and Auto Tinting. Asked if my Cry-Cut could do that. I have went scrapbooking before with his wife, and showed her the bug, and it's just not for her, and he's seen it in action too. I made some Vinyl letters for his Grandson's Toy Chest a few months ago with DS. Anyways, back to the Auto Tinting. I said "Auto Tinting?.. I can't do that" He replied - No, can you CUT this phrase with it, for a truck? Well, of course I can, I'm up for anything!

Long story short, and I have a feeling I'll still ramble on, I got in touch with his son that needed it, it's for his new job, and he wanted decals for everyone to put on their vehicles. (That's my understanding anyways) and after emailing the vinyl choices and putting my order in, it only took a WEEK for me to the get the vinyl!
Here is the end result. I don't know the font, and I don't know where I got the car.
The owner's name is Mat (hence the MAT going down), and this is how they wanted it. Kinda neat huh? They are all ready to go and will be postal to their new home tomorrow!
Vinyl was ordered from Ebay Seller Rice892
Transfer tape from BestBuyCraftVinyl
Both are wonderful sellers - and fast too!

Charmed, I'm sure!

I have GOT to throw in a few scrappy posts - haven't had one of those in a while!!

I was playing with my NEW Life's a Beach Cart (Ordered from Memory Making Crafts) and I love the Charm Feature on it! It makes really cute tags!

But.. that's not what I'm going to show you. I needed some Furry Animal tags, and thought that I could replicate them in DS. All files on here use George and Animal Kingdom. More charms to follow in a later post :)

So.. Here are some KANGAROO CHARMS
And not so furry.. SNAKE CHARMS

Another Ron and Kili Update!

Thank you to an Anonymous comment on the previous post.. we need all the prayers that we can get!!


Anonymous said...
The prize is rent for a year! Good luck!


Lets all wish for the best for Ron and Kili!!!! Maybe the judges will see this post (and the previous posts!) and we can help him win, as the voting from the public is done, and it's up to a panel of 7!

Please show your suport, and comment to this blog post! (hit the comment link below!)

Thanks everyone!!!
I will do a final update after the 8th when the final results are in!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ron and Kili Update!

Well, They WON! sorta. So far, they have won $50 credit for rent. Then, a panel of 7 judges determine who gets the free rent for the month. Them winning in their "category" gets them 2 free votes for the free rent!

Read all about it on the main site : JC HART LIVE THE LIFE

I will update again after April 8th, when the Grand winner is announced!!

So.. if any of those lucky 7 panelists are reading this, Please please, vote for Ron and Kili!

For Best Overall Video the Online Voting Winner is:
Ronkili35: Live the Life: Ron&Kili at Bayshore

Thank you so much for those that voted for Ron and Kili!!!