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Here you will find scrapbooking ideas. There's a ton of older posts that used the Cricut, but lately I haven't been using it much and well, my sewing machine is gaining more miles by the day.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6 More days!

6 More days at the MOST and Miss Bianca will be making her appearance!  Doctor said that if she doesn't come out on her own, I will be induced Monday April 30th, at 7am!

Also.. just a side note.. all files are currently unavailable right now :(   I've been out of work for the last 3 weeks for early maternity leave, and well, bills do come first :)  Thank you to those who are not sending me hate mail for this.  - and to the few that are sending hate mail / leaving negative comments on posts, see that donate button on the side? Use it. :)

Card Cafe

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latch Hook Project

Remember Latch Hooks Rugs?   I used to do them a lot when I was younger.  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day, and saw them there (and they were on sale, so they really caught my eye) and thought that might be a good project for Sarah to try; she's always asking for something crafty to make, and since before Christmas, I've kinda ran out of ideas for quick projects. 

Below is her after she got her first row done - she caught on super fast!

and below is the result of 3 hours of hard work. She's excited to come home tomorrow after school and work on it some more.  I can't believe that she actually sat for 3 hours straight - she doesn't even do that for movies!  I must have found something that keeps her attention and that she likes to do !

Birthday Invites

Next month is Lilly's 9th Birthday, and we're heading over to the Bowling Alley for some fun!  Here are the invites that I made.  
Pins were and SVG cut using SCAL and the Cricut. 
Background embossed with Spots and Dots (I think that's what it's called!)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sympathy Card

I really dislike making sympathy cards - sad :(

Here is one that I made on Thursday for a contractor's family that I helped a lot during my time at Menards. He passed away last Tuesday of esophageal cancer.

Jump Rope for Heart

Above is Sarah practicing her jumping - broken wrist and all - she gets her cast off in a week :)

We only have one heart! Sarah wants to take care of her's and help you take care of yours too! This year her school is participating in Jump Rope for Heart and supporting the American Heart Association by raising money to save lives.

During, Jump Rope For Heart Sarah will learn about taking care of her heart. Heart disease can happen to anyone so it’s really important to be physically active and eat healthy.

Help her fix a broken heart. Will you make a donation? It’s fast and easy to do on her personal page! Just use the link below.

Sarah will be jumping for 25 minutes on April 9th, in honor of her Grandpa Tom.