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Here you will find scrapbooking ideas. There's a ton of older posts that used the Cricut, but lately I haven't been using it much and well, my sewing machine is gaining more miles by the day.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cleaning my craftroom and Shirt Making..

So.. the other day I got the itch and just acted on it.  I condensed down my scrapbooking stuff down to ONE cabinet.   2 years ago, I had THREE.  When I moved in with Tom, I had 2.  And now... I'm down to just one.  Why? I have found that I just don't scrapbook THAT much anymore to justify having so much stuff.  Plus, once I moved everything to one cabinet, it's not really "squished" in there, tight yes, but there is still room for a few more things if need be.

The other cabinet I put all my fabric in.  Now I can actually see it and it's not in a tote.  Maybe this will remind me how much I actually have so that I don't go back to JoAnns and buy a bunch of remnants again. (although I'm sure I will!)  I have a feeling that I'll be hoarding fabric just like I used to hoard paper.

I've been searching for a pattern to do a Pajama shirt to match all the jammy pants that I've been making, and I finally found one... and had to modify it once, and looks like I'll have to modify again as the arms just seems a little tight for a shirt.

It's a good thing that Bianca can't tell the difference yet between a good sewing job and something mommy just threw together one night!  Even so, it still looks cute on her!

Mr. Rebates

I checked my account just recently and noticed that a few of my referrals have made purchases :)  so I know that its being used and others are earning rebates, so I thought I'd post it again.  So far this year, I have received $30.48 to my paypal account, and I have another $11.40 that is not cashed out yet.  It's not a "get rich" thing, just a little extra here and there. 

Mr. Rebates

Get a Rebate when you shop online!
Here's just a few of the rebates offered.  All you'd have to do to earn the rebate is go to Mr. Rebates first, type in the site on their search and click the link from there.  Then just shop as usual.

HSN - Earn 5% of purchase price
JoAnn's - Earn 6% of purchase price

Walmart - Earn 2% of purchase price.  I use this one a lot for Diapers!  I just do the site to store, get the diapers at the same price as in store.  I just have to go to the back of the store and pick up - they are pulled and ready to go and paid for already (no waiting in the check out line with Bianca!)

Target - Earn 3% of purchase price

Shutterfly - Earn 5% of purchase price
Snapfish - Earn 12% of purchase price (doesn't apply if you pick up at Walgreens, they have to be shipped to you)
Walgreens - Earn 6% of your purchase price - I use this one a lot too for photos

(I promise the next post will be crafting related!)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sew many pants...

I have found a new addition.  And now, I think I will be renaming my blog to just "Creations by amkscrap" as I rarely use my cricut, and when I do, I use SCAL. (I have the older version before the lawsuit)   Plus I would hate for PC to try to shut me down for using the word "Cricut".

My new Hobby?  Sewing. It is something that I've always had a thing for and more recently have been doing a lot more of.  It reminds me of my Grandma Jeannette Forcier.  I miss her so much! She passed away 12 years ago. *moment of silence for Grandma* 

I know that she'd be thrilled that I have continued to do a hobby that she loved.  And I know she'd love these pants!

So I bought a bunch of Flannel thinking I'd be making a ton of poodle skirts.  Eh, I sold two so I did get my money back for all the flannel that I bought, but now I have a few different colors.  I found a free pattern online, printed it out and traced it on to cardboard so that I could reuse it.

--Please excuse the upside-downness... I thought I could rotate once I uploaded it, but I guess not--

The next day.. I went shopping at JoAnns and checked out their remnant section - Love it! 50% off even if the fabric is on sale!   I can make oodles of jammies out of these!  Flannel and Fleece!

These were the next ones.. I just think this pattern is so friggin adorable!

And even Bianca liked it!

 These next ones, I'm making a matching set for a friend of mine who has 2 boys.. One is a month old and the other will be 3 in May.

Let's go to the HOP!

Wednesday January 31 we went to the Sock Hop at the Surf Ballroom!  The girls all had a blast!  
We had fun watching everyone dance and even joining in on a few. Bianca jumped and jumped to the music - she was a hit!  There was even a couple that stopped dancing to take their camera out and get a picture of her in her poodle skirt!   I think this will be an event that we'll be doing again!