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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cleaning my craftroom and Shirt Making..

So.. the other day I got the itch and just acted on it.  I condensed down my scrapbooking stuff down to ONE cabinet.   2 years ago, I had THREE.  When I moved in with Tom, I had 2.  And now... I'm down to just one.  Why? I have found that I just don't scrapbook THAT much anymore to justify having so much stuff.  Plus, once I moved everything to one cabinet, it's not really "squished" in there, tight yes, but there is still room for a few more things if need be.

The other cabinet I put all my fabric in.  Now I can actually see it and it's not in a tote.  Maybe this will remind me how much I actually have so that I don't go back to JoAnns and buy a bunch of remnants again. (although I'm sure I will!)  I have a feeling that I'll be hoarding fabric just like I used to hoard paper.

I've been searching for a pattern to do a Pajama shirt to match all the jammy pants that I've been making, and I finally found one... and had to modify it once, and looks like I'll have to modify again as the arms just seems a little tight for a shirt.

It's a good thing that Bianca can't tell the difference yet between a good sewing job and something mommy just threw together one night!  Even so, it still looks cute on her!