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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Kittens are home!!

The Kittens are home, and adapting to their new bigger play area quite nicely!

Here is Maddison, Catching some rays..
And here is Oscar..
Oscar and Maddison.. the little butterfly squeeks, and the purple mouse has catnip in it!

And another of Maddison..
Here is Maddison's Favorite place to sleep..
And Her playing with a new toy


Anonymous said...

AWWWW!! I love your kittens. Aren't they the greatest? I have 3- one looks like Maddison her name is Zoe, one looks like Oscar her name is Hallie and then I have Sissy who is gray and white. All rescue cats. So different personalities. But we love every one of them!~Darla

~Christina~ said...

YAY!!!!! They are home!!! I so miss having kitties :)

Snatertje said...

hi Amanda

Just want to say your kittens are so cute.
Enjoy them being with you now.
It's great to have cats around, I have 4 cats and 2 of them are rescue cats from a Shelter.

Hug for the kittens.
Take care Linda from Holland

Norine said...

they are so cute enjoy them

pprice said...

I am soooo absolutely thrilled for you that the kittens are home!!! They are soooo adorable! I'm sure you will all have a blast as you all get to know one another. And boy are they ever entertaining! I'll be anxious to hear about all their antics! Have fun with them. Like I needed to tell you that! lol

scrapBugz said...

Your kitties are so adorbale. Have fun with them. Really enjoy seeing your pics.

Vicki W said...

Hey Amanda! The kittens are ADORABLE! I cannot believe you waited so patiently for them to come home - I think I would have died to know they're mine, but NOT be able to take them home yet! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on their antics!!

Anonymous said...

Your kitties look so sweet! I think they are enjoying their new home! TFS they make me smile today!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the kittens home Amanda. I sure miss mine being little. Enjoy them and keep us posted on them.

kalirose58 said...

Hi Amanda,

I love your cats, they are too cute!!! Hopefully they can help with your .cutfiles and not run away with your paper like my kitty does :) Enjoy them why they are playful!

Anonymous said...

SOO adorable!!

ABritsWife said...

I so love kittens....They are darlings...keep sharing their pics...and I cant wait for the LO's!

Michelle said...

Just wanted to say that your kitties are so stinkin' cute! I also have 2 rescue cats and wouldn't trade them for anything. They bring such a joy to our home.