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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Girl's Room.. and more prayers needed!

Tom and I went back down to Davenport on Wednesday night.. we got there around 11.  Mark and Christina were able to swap places with his parents so that they could help us with the painting.  Mark's parents stayed the night in Iowa City with Abby.  Before we left for Davenport, we were being told that Abby would be released that night, pending if her fever came back or not.  She had got a flu shot on Monday and then spiked a fever that night.  The fever had gone away by Tuesday night, so they were waiting 24 hours as a precaution.    She did not come home Wednesday.  Then had a 50% chance of being home by Friday.  It is now Sunday, and she still isn't home :(  The fever came back.  They ran a bunch of tests including a Spinal Tap, and discovered that she has an infection.  This is the latest update from Christina : BAD NEWS- abby had to have a spinal tap done today and the results are that she has some kind of infection. waiting to hear the final answer.  theres alot of stuff that needs to be done she might not be home for christmas:(

Please take a moment to send well thoughts and wishes.  Since they were expecting her to be home, they packed up most of the gifts that were sent.. I got a chance to go through some of the cards that were sent, and the family would like me to let everyone know that they are greatly appreciated, and something that Abby will hold on to forever.  I'm going to make a mini scrapbook for Abby of the pictures that have been taken and the FB status updates, blog comments and such, and the cards will be added to this scrapbook. 

On a positive note, the room is done. We all primed the room Wednesday night, and then spent all day Thursday painting.  Tom and I left Thursday night (friday morning I guess...) at 12am, and was back in Mason City by 5am. 
This room all 4 girls will share for the time being.  They have 2 sets of bunk beds that were received as gifts (One was from our Cousin April, who stayed in Mason and watched Sarah and Ashley for us; the other from from a local friend of theirs) 
Once the other bedroom is done, then just the 2 older girls will be in this one, and the younger 2 in the other one. 

Here is Vivi (3) Helping out

Mark painting on the TV Wall

Christina touching up the purple

 Here's Vivi :) 

Tom painting in a peace sign

Kaylee's Wall.  Everything but the giant peace sign and the "peace" was cut from my circut.  "Peace" was freehanded to match the font for their names. 

TV Wall

Kenzie's wall.  Heart/Peace was done freehand

 I wanted to put something special in the room since that all 4 will be sharing for the time being, and since they are all close to eachother, I thought this fit perfectly. "Sisters are Forever" is the Brush Script Font, used SCAL and the cricut to cut out.
Once Abby gets home, her handprint will be added to the wall.