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Monday, December 17, 2012

Abby Update and Prayers for Jackie

I found out on Sunday (well, the family did) that Abby has an infection in her spinal fluid. She was hooked up to an IV to run antibiotics for the next 10-14 days :( so she will not be home for Christmas. The hospital has been so kinda and Santa has even stopped at her room a few times since being transferred to a regular room, but the family is planning on having a "mini Christmas" at the hospital, and then doing their actual Christmas once Abby is able to return home.
Here is the update that I got from Christina (her mom) today :UPDATE: abby just got a semi iv put in. they are gonna give her antibiotics for 10-14 days. so looks like she wont be home for christmas maybe not even new years :(

On Monday, Abby had surgery again.  Tom talked with her dad and they said something about Cranial Leakage, I didn't get all the details on it. 

On top of that, our cousin April (I work with her at the gas station, and she took care of our kids when we went down to help with the room) went down to Davenport Sunday night to see the family. She has her own pre-surgery (kidney stone removal) appointment in Iowa City Monday. Anyways, her and her mom arrived at the house and the kids were really excited to show them the rooms in person.. And her mom took a fell backwards down their stairs (the stairs are horrible in that house.. People with small feet are ok, but the house was built in like 1862 or something and the stairs go up about 7 feet and then curve up, and where it curves the steps themselves are really narrow compared to the stairs on the straight part) anyways, so my cousin's mom was rushed to the Davenport ER, they did xrays and such. She hit her head, shoulder, knee. I guess Kaylee (the 8 year old) tried to "catch" her and took a tumble too, but other than minor bruises she's OK.  April said that her mom is OK, xrays showed nothing broke, but she's very sore and her knee is swollen.  Sounds to me like the doctors just said put some ice on it and they sent her home. 

The picture below is of Kaylee (age 8) sitting in the ER with April and her mom, Jackie. 

If anyone would like to take the time to send a Christmas card, or a get well card to Abby and/or her family, I am posting their address again. 

Abby Alcala (and family)
1903 W 2nd Street 
Davenport, IA 52802