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Here you will find scrapbooking ideas. There's a ton of older posts that used the Cricut, but lately I haven't been using it much and well, my sewing machine is gaining more miles by the day.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blog Candy Winners!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments the last few days! I really appreciate and enjoyed reading all of them!

Here are the winners!
**Please contact me at amkscrap@gmail.com with your mailing address, all prizes are still inroute to me, and hopefully I should get them by midweek, and then I will mail them out**

Day 1 - Cricut Cardmaking Book
Blogger Tanya said...

Love all your projects! Gee I cant even remember what my first project with the cricut was...Gonna have to think about that!

Thanks :)
phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

January 4, 2011 10:19 AM


Day 2 - CGull Tools
Blogger Karen said...

Had fun going down memory lane. I have a few carts that I have only used once or twice.

January 8, 2011 9:27 PM


Day 3 -Gingerbread Mini Cartridge
Blogger Sandy T. said...

Hi Amanda,
I love your blog! I enjoy getting the emails.
My favorite cart winnie the pooh font. I love winnie the pooh. And the font is neat.
Sandy Twardesky
Jessiesmom0659 @ yahoo.com

January 5, 2011 8:56 PM


Day 4 - My Pink Stamper Winter Punnies
Blogger Michelle said...

We do lots of crafts, painting, making cards and pictures, beading, etc. Thank for the chance to win
Michelle in NJ
meeshella2 at aol dot com

January 7, 2011 10:56 AM


Day 5 - Sentimentals Cartridge
Blogger Melinda said...

Aww, resolutions are tough, but I hope you keep this one, cuz I'd sure enjoy reading your blog at least twice a week, too! Here's to a fantastic 2011!

melindapate at gmail dot com

January 9, 2011 1:28 AM

Thank you all for helping me celebrate my 3rd year Blogaversary!!!!


Melissa said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Amy C said...

Congrats to the winners!! Have fun with your new goodies!! ♥

julie1551 said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Hope you enjoy all your new toys.

sanadon said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners! Have loads of fun with your new stuff.

Shawnee said...

Congratulations to the winners!!

Annette said...

Congrats to all the winners!!

Amanda, you must have been going cross-eyed by the time you were done reading all of these posts!! I don't envy you one bit .... LOL, have a great day :-)


asimpson2 at telus dot net

Tanya said...

Thank you Amanda!! Already sent you an email!! :)