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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Revisited.. and BLOG CANDY TOO!!!

2010 was a year of adventure for me! It was the first full year that I lived on my own (ha, for the first time in my life, I was single.. but not for long :) I juggled work, family, friends and scrapping.. and although it was hard at times.. especially from March - July.. my manager was let go, and I ran the department for those 4 months.. I couldn't have done it with out my bestfriends, Kathy and Beth! They kept me sane .. well mostly.. for that time... they are also the best coworkers anyone could ever ask for! Because of them, I was able to take 2 long weekend trips.. one to the Minneapolis area to meet up with Andre, and the 2nd to go down to his place in Charlotte.

This picture is actually Christmas 2009, but I posted it as my first post in 2010.. Uncle Eric, playing with Lilly and her barbies :)
On a sad note.. next week will be the one year anniversary since my friend, Beth, lost her doggie, Mr. Willie. Shortly after Mr Willie's passing, Beth adopted another doggie from the shelter, Solar, who she says has the same characteristics as Mr Willie, and does a lot of the same things that he used to do, and enjoys the same things.

And here are Miss Lilly's Valentines for the year.. can you believe that she wanted these AGAIN this year?! I told her that maybe she should go with something else since the Vikings had a bad year.. so we decided on Littlest Pet Shop and Batman/Superman. Looks like I got a project to do!
And no valentines day is complete with out handmade cards from your child! Scrapbooker in the making I tell ya!
And here is Lilly and her older Sister Joslyn, with wooden spoons and swords. There is a cute video on this post, you can see it here!
This train makes a cute card for kids all ages! Get the Gypsy file on this post! and see other variations on this post!

I was asked by a coworker to make a baby banner for her daughter who was having a girl. She wanted the baby's name and something pink/purple and poofy! Read all about the making of thisbaby banner with my cricut and fabric on this post!

And I was busy making cards for the Bulbs to Blossoms sale again, so here's a post with a bunch of different cards!
Here is a display board that I made for work! Aren't they adorable?! Sadly, I was told earlier this week that the sheep need to be "relocated" :( as Serta and Menards have finally figured out something to put there that shows the different types of Mattresses that we carry. I've seen pictures of the poster, and maybe I'm just bias, but my Sheep are MUCH cuter! Here's the postwith the full board!
And Cricut Lites were spotted at Walmart! This is pretty much the only scrapbooking stuff that my store now carries :( so sad the selection is limited to a 4 foot section.
I was part of a back to school blog hop, and you can click on this post and see my project!
Another silly picture of Miss Lilly!

You can check out the Spooky Town Village display that I did for work on this post, with Franken-Ray and Dra-Ray-Cula!

Just a halloween card :)
Miss Lilly on a horse at Nelson's Farm in Minnesota
And with the Ghost that followed us home!
In September, Andre and I got engaged! Here we are at my parents house.
And here are the invites...over half of them are made (just the fronts so far) there is no date set yet. But I'll be going down there in a month and hopefully we can get that finally figured out, along with engagement pictures taken.
Here's Santa Ray, all ready for Christmas!
And a Gas Grill Cut File! View the post here to download!
I had made the grill card for my dad, since I wasn't sure if the cover that I ordered would be there in time for christmas. Well, it arrived at their house yesterday, so Dad cleared the grill off, and put his new cover on :)
And this was just 2 weeks ago :) Christmas Day will Miss Lilly!

Now.. for the fun stuff! (wait.. it's all supposed to be fun right?!)
If you have made it this far.. then you surely deserve a chance to win! Blog Candy #4 is going to be... My Pink Stamper Stamps - Winter Punnies

All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS POST!

Do you craft with your children? (or grandchildren or nieces, nephews etc.. the children in your life) What is your favorite crafty thing to do with them?

**please make sure you leave a way for me to get a hold of you yourname @ yourdomain works well (as long as you put the spaces in there!)**

Winner will be drawn on Sunday January 9th!

Previous Blogaversary Candy - be sure to comment on each post to be entered for the drawings of that item!


Heather said...

I craft with my cousin's 11 year old. She loves to use the cricut! We made some nutcracker cards for her ballet friends last month!
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Lynn B. said...

You had a busy year. Congrats on the engagement.

lpboyles at gmail dot com

Margie said...

My favorite crafty thing to do with my kids is scrapbook. But they're messy!

Melissa said...

Wow...what a great 2010 you had and it looks like an exciting 2011 ahead of you! Thanks for sharing your memories and photos! Love the wedding invites!

I do craft with my boys! Our youngest is 6 and he LOVES to use my Cricut. Our 10 year old pretty much only crafts when he has to for a school project.


Sharon said...

Wow I sure enjoyed reading about some of your favorite times from the past year! I've always loved that picture of you and Andre, so cute! Thanks for the chance to win some candy!

lilypadsis at cox dot net

Got2BCrafting said...

It looks like 2010 was a pretty good year for you, minus the work stuff! LOL! I absolutely LOVE to craft with my children... they are becoming quite the card makers as well! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.. I would LOVE LOVE to win these stamps. (Plus Sunday is my bday, what a great present that would be!) Happy New Year!
got2bcrafting at gmail dotcom

Cali Creationz said...

hey girl!! Its been a while since ive been around....Ugh so much going on! I havent even had time to do my etsy stuff! ugh! I need more hours in the day!! anywho!
I love your recap of 2010! had me thinking about my year! great pics and thanks for sharing. ( and of course the chance to win)
I love to scrap my family and FOR family. THey like mine so much they make me do theirs! ha ha! Hope this year is going good for ya so far! ((( hugs))) ~ Cali

LadybugCarrie said...

Looks like you had a great year! I still cannot believe it is 2011! I don't have any children in my life, so I craft with friends. Thank you for the chance to win!
carrie dot slaughter at gmail dot com

Tammy said...

Love the 2009 flashback....Great pictures too! Memories are wonderful. Thanks for the chance of winning some great stamps!

Hi! said...

Wow! You've had a whirlwind year! I love how you've recapped everything and wish you every ounce of happiness in 2011!


Kristen said...

I enjoyed seeing your year in review! All of your projects were really cute. I especially love your cards! Thanks so much for the chance to win the stamp set. I look forward to following you in 2011!


Deanne Gutierrez said...

What a fun HOP down memory lane for you. Your invitations look great by the way! Thanks for the giveaway too...

Deanne G

tessyluv45 said...

I scrapbook with my oldest daughter when she visits. Can't wait to start crafting with the grand children when they get a little older. tessyluv45@aol.com

maryvernau said...

I don't have any grandchildren to craft with yet, but maybe someday! Thanks for a chance to win! Mary Vernau at yahoo dot com.

Wende said...

Wow, I am first. Looks like Miss Lilly has really grown this past year. I think she is looking more and more like you! I don't have any kiddos to craft with, but do some volunteer work at the schools and that is always fun to create with them.
Happy New Year


Jana said...

Thanks again Amanda for the blog candy give-a-way. I think your wedding invites are lovely, I love the green.

Marjorie said...

Hi Amanda
I always look forward to seeing what you are creating. Thanks for the chance to win!

marjorie_brundage at sbcglobal dot net

mahuntington said...

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since I've been following your blog. Actually it's been much longer than that. I'm so glad your life is so much happier now. I'd love to win the Pink Stamper's Punnies. You sure do have some great giveaway's!
Mary Ann
mahuntington at wavecable dot com

rhonda said...

I am loving your "Year in Review". Looks like it has been a great year!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 20 now & doesn't have much interest in crafting.

Love all your project you did this year!!

Congrats on your engagement & up coming wedding!!

Marcy H.


happyhome43 said...

WOW ... again, what a year! Thanks again for the chance at the candy! Here's hoping for another great year for you ... only this one with Andre!


Barb A. said...

Wow! You were a busy lady last year. Isn't it nice to be able to look back over the year and see what has been accomplished?

scrapbooknut67114 at gmail dot com

Kathi Silvia said...

Wow I'm first again?? I think I deserve to win this time! LOL!! JK :) You've had another busy year! Congrats on the engagement!

ksilvia2007 at yahoo dot com

Vicki and Don said...

Love the recap from 2010! Wow! you were busy! I love making cards with my granddughter! She LOVES my Gypsy and my Cricut! I can see one in her future - but not the very near future! LOL

IRW Dana said...

Looks like you had an exciting year and congrats on the engagement. Thanks for the inspiration you share. papermemories4u at yahoo dot com

Jean said...

Great Stuff. I have to go back up and check out the link for the Frankenray, because it looks too cute!! Thanks for the chance to win. jean1982@aol.com

KimberleyG said...

Don't have any kids, but I did help my niece make some cards from a kit a year ago when I went to visit her. I'm hoping to try some scrapbook pages next from one of the Paper Boutique kits they got me for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

That's so fun to travel through the year remembering! It's been a fun ride... thanks for sharing it with us!

Kris in Alaska
funamom at yahoo dot com

AndreaA said...

Amanda, I can't believe how Miss Lillie has grown. She is looking more like you. Tell her great shields by the way!!

Annette said...

What a great post, I love seeing all the pictures of the kids and especially the Valentine cards that they made for you :-) Thanks again for the chance to win another great blog candy!


asimpson2 at telus dot net

rache said...

I remember so many of those inspiring projects and family happenings. thanks for showing again. Last year had some wonderful things happen and many that we wish we could have not experienced. All part of life.

Sandy Ang said...

Wow- what an eventful year for you. I craft with my niece(9) and nephew(12) when they come for sleep over. The girl likes origami and the boy enjoys paper construction type projects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog. I craft with youngsters age 11 to 18 at our church youth group so I'm always on the lookout for good ideas.

Lori said...

Wow, what a year. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Cathie in UT said...

I agree your sheep are dang cute and sorry they will be replaced by a "sign" LOL
My grson likes to make things with Playdough right now but sometimes he will help me when I am using the cricut for holidays. He is very good at load paper and unload paper button pushing LOL

Nancy said...

My DD is 15 and loves to scrapbook with me... And DS is almost 3 and he thinks he needs to help too!!! Nancy P...

Lisha said...

love your work thanks for sharing
fasloan at yahoo com

Brenda said...

I love rereaDing some of your adventures. Love your invites. Simply gorgeous. Good luck in 2011

Burffrau @ aol dot com

April said...

I have truly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I have really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see who gets all the blog cany.

RAP said...

The santa ray is cute. I missed him the first time. I have to see if I can find that one for my neice too.

Bram_fam said...

I love to scraft with my kids although they are getting older and don't want to do as much. My daughter still will do some and likes to scrapbook but my son is older and just likes to do things related to school which is fine with me as long as we can do things together :).

Michelle said...

We do lots of crafts, painting, making cards and pictures, beading, etc. Thank for the chance to win
Michelle in NJ
meeshella2 at aol dot com

Michelle said...

We do lots of crafts, painting, making cards and pictures, beading, etc. Thank for the chance to win
Michelle in NJ
meeshella2 at aol dot com

sucor said...

I enjoy crafting with my grandkids. We paint, make cards, and simple gifts they can give like glittered ornament balls. I often give them craft supplies along with their other gifts. This Christmas I even gave the 2 1/2 year old a tote containing homemade play dough in four colors, dinosaur cookie cutters and a rolling pin. Thank you for the chance to win the MPS Winter Punnies stamps!
sucor_2 at hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win. I really enjoy your site.

Manhattan Mandie said...

What fun memories :) I still love the grill card the most. I'm totally going to snag that file! My 4 year old daughter already loves to craft and my 20 month old daughter recently began inking herself too! I'm going to have 2 scrapbook buddies soon enough!

Maria said...

I used to scrapbook with my daughter when she was younger, but she's a teenager now and we don't scrap as much as we used to.

Roxx said...

I craft with my nieces when i'm visiting. I usually make all kinds of cuts with my cricut & bring all kinds of embleshments to make cards,purses,valentine gifts.I did that with my daughters before the cricut was created.A lot easier now. lol
roxx39t @ yahoo.com

Amy C said...

Congrats on the engagement!! Your invites are beautiful.

My kids love to make cards with me. When I scrap, they set up the card table next to me and use my scraps to make cards for loved ones.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your "creations" in my mailbox. I wish I had your creativity. Best wishes for 2011. Would love to win some blog candy too!

JANLYNN said...

My oldest grandon (he's 6) and I did craft together for the first time just lately. We made treat bag toppers with the Jolly Holidays raindeer. Then he had to help me with cards for my coworkers. He embossed with the Cuttlebug Happy Holidays folder and then just had to help me stamp them. A few smudge just a bit. I just explained why and they loved them even more. jlsateplusdotnet

acs004 said...

Love the simplicity of the "forever and always" card. and the grill is too cute! Thanks for the chance to win some candy - really need more sentiment stamps.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I love to make Christmas bookmarks with my kids every year to give out as gifts to family. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Gina - TSGWichita@cox.net

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I love to make Christmas bookmarks with my kids every year to give out as gifts to family. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Gina - TSGWichita@cox.net

Tanya said...

Oh I sometimes try to get my 5 year old son to craft! He likes to make anything that involves glue. He loves glitter glue, but he wants to glob it everywhere! Also he enjoys painting too!

phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

SusanHanna said...

I don't craft with any children at this time... my kids are 25 and 31 and on their own, and my first grandbaby is due in May. However, I was the Girl Scout leader for my daughter's troop from Kindergarten thru 8th grade and crafting was my favorite activity!! Unfortunately, most of the girls' favorite was CAMPING and I am NOT an outdoorsy person!! LOL)

Kim said...

yes I do craft with my grandson........he is only 4yrs old and loves to cut and paste, and we use stickers

His favourite craft tool is definatley the glue stick ha ha ha


colleen said...

My grandkids were just here for the weekend and we made paper gingerbread men...they loved it. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects and your life.
hammon at bellsouth dot net

anloko said...

Great photo recap. I love pink stamper stamps and would love to get these!

Linda Peterson said...

I sure enjoyed all of the pictures on this blog posting. I do craft with 2 of my granddaughters---they absolutely love to make cards and know how to use everything in my craft room. It is such a joy to have them come over.

Marjorie said...

My boys are in their 40's and have children. When we visited with our Grandkids this summer, I had taken my small Cricut Bug and Cuttlebug with me on the plane. They enjoyed making cards and designing and cutting with the Cricut pictures. Since I had my Gypsy, I didn't have to carry the cartridges.

Thanks for the chance of winning.

marjorie_brundage at sbcglobal dot net

Gayle said...

I craft with my grand children - today we made post-it note covers. I have them over every friday for craft day. It's great fun!! Thanks for the contest!!

ladym at utahis dot com

janine_jepsen said...

Oh, I'm having fun looking at all your pictures! And thanks for the chances to win :)

Jaayimee said...

I really need to learn how to use the design studio. Your grill is so cool but I have no clue how to do some thing like that.

d said...

D at djevans376@yahoo.com loves all the cricut ideas!

Lisa J. said...

I do scrap some with my child. She isn't as crazy about paper crafting as myself. I don't push her but I relish when she does want to join me.

Anonymous said...

My girls are grown and don't like crafting BUT my 8 year old grandson loves it! I mentioned to you in a earlier post that we love to make mini monsters. Actually, I go to his school and we did ornaments from Jolly Holidays, Doodlecharms etc. I don't know if he likes or me better.
Thanks for the great give a ways. I would love to have these stamps.


Jenny Gibson said...

I have three daughters and they craft with me sometimes. Unfortunately they usually drive me crazy before we finish a project. I do love them though.d

Love Is In The Details said...

Congratulations again on your engagement and my fav thing out of this set is the valentines :) we might have to scraplift that idea this year!

Maria said...

I used to scrap with my daughter when she was younger.

Charlotte Cornett said...

My kids will not even come in my room UNLESS they need a card or something to give to someone.

I mostly craft by myself, some days this works great and some days I think I may go crazy...

shari said...

This is great how your revisiting the whole year. I used to scrap with my daughter all the time, but she's 17 now and no longer wants to play. Ha! Shari (cricutrookie)

Roxanne said...

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
kcmarlowe at hotmail dot com

Vana63 said...

Yep, I totally enjoy crafting with DD and DGS...in fact my daughter took right to my Cricut and then had to show ME how to use it, LOL. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Blogging!

vanbeh at gmail dot com

Josie0602 said...

I craft with my 5 year old granddaughter. She loves my scrap supplies!

jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net

rstuck2003 said...

My daughters and I craft together...we make cards for Wounded Warriors, for our troops to send home to their families and for terminally ill children! Thanks for the chance to win!

Krista said...

my kiddos aren't old enough to craft yet... (1 year old twins)... i craft with my mother in law. i can't wait til they are old enough, we'll have SO much fun!!

Barbara said...

I craft with my five year old granddaughter. She likes cutting pasting, and using the cuttlebug. bjwlsn@centurylink.net

Karen said...

What a great year. TFS. Bug Hugs!

Stephanie Austin said...

All your projects are just so adorable and inspiring. Each morning I really look forwad to checkIng my email to see your latest projects. I've been on disability with the partial loss of the use of my right arm and learning to do crafting again has been really challenging. But I'm so glad to have found your site. Congrads on your engagement!



cowbelleru said...

I love that you are sharing your life with us and including your scrapbooking talents as well. No two days are the same. Life is a journey. TFS!

Tricia said...

I do not have a daughter, and my neice is 2, so she has about a year or so, before I get her interested in things like scrapbooking.

CutAndGlue said...

I just love the Barbie pic...I remember that one lol. I craft almost daily with my four year old daughter. With my Cricut Rewards, I got her the CuttleKids for Christmas (I made a kit with pre-cut paper, glue, folded cards, etc. and she can use it all on her own). Today when I wasn't feeling well, she went and made me a 'feel gooder' card :)
Mary K

Luba said...

Usually I can find some time to make cards when kids r asleep. But when ever their done with homework , they love to craft with me.( girls 9 and 7 years and 16 month .) Lyuba2003@yahoo.com

Anniebee said...

You have been posting so many cute pictures! My child is grown and my grandkids live too far away to craft with them but I do get together with my sister and her daughters and we all get creative together. I made every single gift for Christmas so I'm taking a short break right now.

lucyblueeyz at yahoo dot com

d said...

djevans376@yahoo.com...Love all the great ideas. thanks.

kim edwards said...

I love using the Cricut with my 8 year old grand daughter. We are having a blast and enjoying some great quality time

Debbie said...

My grandchildren want to make their own Valentine cards for school this year. We may copy some of your plans.

Hi! said...

I forgot to answer the question in my original post. Yes, I craft with my my son who is 3. He wonders into my craft area and asks to make a "decoration" and then specifies whether he wants to make a card, picture or a tag. I participate in weekly challenges on one of my sites and we had to make a tag. My son wondered in and said "I'll make a tag too. I need glue, a stamp and stickers!" The apple didn't fall too far from the tree. lol