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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My "Grown-Up" Christmas List

'Tis the season to be jolly right? Not in this house for the last week :/ Last weekend, I got the flu and was pretty helpless for 4 days. Not only did things not get done around the house, but I also missed 3 days of work :( There go the extra for Christmas money, Santa will not be making a stop at this house this year. I went back to work on Thursday despite of a sinus infection, thank God for HALLS cough drops, and VICKS vapor rub. Atleast I can semi sleep at night (when I don't wake up freezing cold cause someone snatched the blankets and rolled himself into a burrito....)

The other day, Tom asked me what *I* wanted for Christmas. First thought was "What scrappy stuff will I need for baby's book..." and then I thought, lets be a little realistic on this. As much I would LOVE new stuff, right now, the money just isn't there for the extras. So... I'll settle on a new toilet seat for the upstairs bathroom, for the tub surround to be re-caulked, bathmats, and a new shower curtain. I also want new carpet in the baby's room, and paint for the bathroom. He laughed, as that stuff isn't really "for me" pffft. OK.. I'll take some new socks too. I'd also like kids that listen and that don't get into my scrapbooking stuff which is a whole 'nother story, and neither of the girls will confess who's been in my pens or how they end up in their school bags.... Needless to say, he didn't really seemed "thrilled" with my list (hey, I was trying to be reasonable...) so my Mom is picking up the bathmats and shower curtain for me, because well, moms "get it". I'm still working on the toilet seat tho... the one that's in there is plastic and peeling and well, probably 20+ years old. And THAT is how I know that I'm Officially a "boring" grownup, since I'm not really wanting anything "fun" for myself, and I haven't really even crafted anything in months....

Thanks for listening to my rambling post.... I honestly have nothing really major to blog about, but figured that I should here and there even if it's just meaningless ones like this one :)


Brenda Kelley said...

Thanks! I needed your post today.... only another woman who wants that stuff herself understands where you're coming from about the toilet seat , new shower curtain , and bathroom rugs. A few years ago when we were struggling, too, that stuff would have made my year! (hope you get it ALL!). Merry Christmas, Amanda, and have a wonderful New Year!