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Friday, December 16, 2011

Buh-bye Car :(

Well.. stopped in to the Auto body shop today around noon... not so good news... at that point in time, the damage to my car was at $4700. They have it booked at $8500, so it was a 55% loss so far... and they still had to put it on the lift and check out the underbody.

I got a call around 4pm with the final damage... $7200... 82% loss. I talked to the insurance and the threshold for totaled is 65% in Iowa. So, looks like once they get all the paperwork straightened out between the body shop and the insurance company, my car loan will be paid off, and I'll have roughly $2000 for a down payment on a new car.

I didn't catch everthing that needed to be repaired, and half the stuff I don't know what exactly it is, but some of the things included : Grill, front bumper, driver and passenger doors, Struts, Rockers and craddle. They didn't even factor in the frame itself since it was up so high.

Now for the fun part of Car shopping and hoping that I can get approved for a decent loan. Talked to a dealer today and they have a "Bad credit no problem" deal, and they claim to be the best in the business (around here) on getting people loans. I've been kinda eyeing a 2008 Chevy Impala :) Praying that it all works out for me, as I can NOT be with out a car.. that would be a wonderful Christmas present to myself, and well, I know that the dealers have to meet their year end numbers, so that may help "push" the loan through in my favor :)

Thanks all for the well wishes and prayers! I do want to quick clarify one thing.. Baby is due to arrive in April, so s/he was under good protection and not in a car seat in the back, and my belly isn't big enough to touch the steering wheel yet, so with the help of my seatbelt, I was able to stay close to the seat and not flop forward.


Roxx.T Barnes said...

Good luck in finding your new car.Hopefully it will be a fairly painless process.Best Wishes
Roxx.T Barnes

MizMaryAnn said...

Well your health and the baby's is good news. Sorry about your car, but things happen for the best. Hopefully your next one will be big and strong enough to support your growing family.
Happy holidays!

Bast said...

So sorry to hear. Glad you are Okay. Good luck car shopping1 Hopefully since it is the end of the year you will do well and it will be fast and easy.

Take care


scrapn said...

I am glad you & your unborn baby are OK. The car will be replaced, so thank God you & the baby are OK.
I hope everything works out for you & you get a good replacement car. Kathy