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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bianca's Scrapbook

I actually was able to print pictures and get them in to Bianca's Scrapbook the other night!  I'm so glad that I took the time to premake all the pages so that I just had to pop in the photos - there's only 1 page that I had to redo due to the photo sizes not working out.  Here's a few of the layouts! (and they're not in any order, just the order that blogger uploaded them at, and it's too much of a pain IMO to reorganize them)  Thanks for looking!

The hospital didn't take pictures :(  Luckily, I had my camera  and since she was in the room most of the time, I was able to still put on the outfit that I purchased for pictures and get a good picture of her in it!  (Sadly the other day she had an explosive diaper and stained this outfit, so I am very glad that I got pictures of her in it when I did!)
This page has the announcement that they put in her mobile cart, her footprints (that the hospital did just minutes after she was born), her first picture - on the scale showing her weight), her crib card with her birth info, and our wristbands (2 for her, one for me and one for Tom)
Just a few hospital pictures - in the envelope is a copy of mine and Bianca's bills from our hospital stay. 

These pictures were taken the same day that I had a photo session - she was 8 days old.  We went to the photo session (it was free, the photographer wanted to build his portfolio and was offering a free session plus a free 8x10)  I'm VERY happy that once we got home that I took a bunch of my own photos of her in the outfit, as I figured out why the session was free - He did a bunch of shots of her in this outfit, and then did a bunch of ones in hats and blankets that his wife crocheted.  When I got the proofs back, NONE of the photos that he sent me were of her in this outfit - they were all in the items that his wife made. So that's why it was free - to promote her crocheting business. (anyways, enough on that rant lol)
The outfit was from my Aunt Lucy.  The Shoes were from my Mom.  The headband was from my Sister in Law's Mom.  The Puppy (in the picture below) and the heart blanket - both with Bianca's name on them were a gift from my scrapbooking friend, Marge. 

Of Course, our first day out of the hospital wouldn't have been complete with out a trip to Menards! (picture in the bottom left) Bianca and my friends (and former coworkers) Beth and Kathy.  Bianca's Middle Name - Elizabeth - is after my friend Beth (picture on the left in the picture)

These are just random picture that have been taken throughout the month!

These are of all her siblings holding her.  Left to right (and top to bottom) Ashley, Jordan, Lilly and Sarah.  


Christy said...

Check out that bling! I love them :) :)

Treva said...

What a beautiful album, congrats and tfs!