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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks for the Ideas!

Between here and a Yahoo group that I am in, I got plenty of ideas on what to get her.

Some mentioned to get her paper and a cartridge and let her make her own. The thing is, she lives with her dad, 3 hours away, so the time I see her is limited. Getting her a cricut of her own is out of the budget too right now, and I have mentioned this and the cuttlebug/cuddle kids to her and her father and well, he doesn't seem interested in the "upkeep" of it as he looks at it. And he tells me that like most 7 year olds, right now she doesn't really "take care" of her stuff, so he was afraid that if he wasn't around when she would be using it, that she might break it. (I don't see it, she's very careful with mine, but maybe cuz she knows its mine?) And I have asked her if she wanted her own, and she said "why? I can use yours when you come up" I think that if she had her own, maybe it won't be as "special" to her when I bring mine up and we create things, as it would be something that she could do whenever she wanted to at her dads.

So, if I did paper dolls in magnetic material, does this come in different colors? or would I have to color it in? What kinds of markers would be more permanent? (besides copic.. I have some BIC ones, perhaps they would work?)

Some other ideas that I got were Cookie mixes in jars, Nifty knitter, card kit, village for her to decorate, Word book (using her name),. Gift basket with travel sized items, Dress up clothes, etc.

I did find the other night while cleaning, a small heart-shaped locket in my jewelry box. It hold likes 8 pictures, so I will find some {family} pictures and give it to her also. I believe I got it many years ago (I wanna say I was in 10th grade? I think it was a confirmation gift...)

I'll be sure to post pictures as I get things together.. atleast I have a month to get things ready, and still not even sure yet if her dad will let her come to my parents house for christmas, or if she'll be at their place the weekend after..


Linda Peterson said...

Another idea would be an unfinished wood picture frame---decorate the outside and put a picture of yourself and your daughter in it. Also, the cute mini album at this website would be a great gift: http://cardztv.blogspot.com/2010/11/so-many-mini-albums-blog-hop.html

Terry D. said...

I don't know if the magnetic material comes in different colors, but it wouldn't matter since it would be the "blackout" part of the doll. The basic doll would be adhered to it. This way she could put it on a metal tray and it won't fall off as she dresses up her doll.

Putting a little of the magnetic material on the back of the clothes and accessories will insure they won't fall of and you don't have to make tabs for everything.