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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brett and Aaron - So Cute!

Lilly Requested Vikings and Packers for her Valentines this year.. I'm not done with them, but these guys are TOO CUTE not to share!
Mr. Aaron Rodgers on the Left, and Mr. Brett Favre on the right
Cut with Every Day Paper Dolls.
G on Aaron is Alphalicious, and Horns on Brett are actually Shoes (Thanks to Emily from the cricut board for this tip!)

Stamps are Peachy Keen (Simple Simons I think!)

Hopefully Tomorrow, I'll have a post of the finished product!



Ladybug said...

Really cute, Amanda! TFS! :-)

~Christina~ said...

Super cute!!!

Cathy said...


Jean said...

These are so cut.

chriswooten57 said...

so cute. my hubby likes the broncos. i watched football for over 40yrs, now i am lucky to get to use my cricut, lol.

thank you for what you do for us by sharing. you are so sweet to do this. i wish you live near me, so you could teach me.