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Friday, December 4, 2009

Altered Coasters!

I've been not really motivated to work on my Christmas Gifts this year, mainly cause I have no idea what to get people, but also I don't have the money to get anything fancy.

This link was shared on the Cricut Board - PHOTO TILES and I thought that it was a wonderful idea! I ran out to Menards and purchased 48 Tumbled Tiles (figuring I can make 12 sets of 4)
I already had the mod podge and acrylic sealer from previous projects. The tile was $5.48 for 9, and I used my 10% off discount. With my discount, it came to about 61 cents per tile, or $2.47 per 4 piece set. I didn't think that was too bad!

I have 7 that are completely done, and another 8 that are drying. I just have to get some pictures for the rest of them (heehee.. hopefully my coworkers will help me and get pictures to me)

Here is a picture of 2 of them that are done!


Tanya said...

They turned out great! I am also making some for Christmas gifts, I haven't had much luck doing colored photos..

Great job!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I was just wonderinf what kind of tiles cuz I want to make some. I was at Menards today (saw your display- very nice!) and I bought one plain old ceramic tile. I mod podged a picture on it and it looks good, but what kind of sealer do you use? I have been searching the internet for a couple of days and can't find any info. I would really appreciate it if you could share with me what to use. And, why tumbled tiles? Is there a difference in the final product?
Carrie K

Amanda K said...

Glad that you were able to see the display!

The Tumbled tiles are not sealed. Where as the glossy ones are sealed, so "re-sealing" them may not work. The tiles on the other side of the natural tumbled ones would work too,(the 6x6s and the 12x12's) as they don't have the sealent on them. (just that they are bigger sizes.. however, I may make a few bigger ones.. I'm seeing hot pot holders - maybe - if they last through the heat!)

I used Clear Acrylic Sealer, it's at Hobby Lobby. It's PLAID, and in a black and blue can. I have the gloss, but I think it comes in Matte too.. I guess I'd use the same as the mod podge. The acrylic sealer is in the same area as the mod podge.. I think the mod is on the right side of the aisle and the sealer is on the right? I know it's within the same section.

scraphobby said...

super een great idee
gr marian

girlsgonescrappin said...

Finally getting around to these...my daughter is moving to a new apartment with some girlfriends and I would like to make some as part of her housewarming gift. Do you use regular tissue paper? Thanks