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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Peep Peep - Duckies!

We have 2 new furry friends in the house.  All I wanted to do is get pictures of Bianca with the Ducks at the local Farm Store.  However, they wouldn't let her "hold" them for a few pictures... so we bought them instead!  
Meet "Peep" and "Cheep"  
Bianca LOVES them.  Well, she'd like to "eat" them as everything seems to go in her mouth these days. But it's adorable on how they will follow her around and climb on to her leg when we let them out to play.  She thinks they are toys, so she'll swat at them and they get right back up and go after her again.   I'm going to take Easter pictures with them probably on Monday.  Still looking for the "right" outfit.

Once they are bigger, we'll be bringing them to a bigger farm just a few miles away. They have ducks, chickens and turkeys there.  With our cats they wouldn't last long outside, and we don't really have a "coop" to put them in so that the coyotes don't come up to the house to try getting to them.  But we'll enjoy them while they are here :)